The Secret Book Club (SBC).

I read anything and everything --- children's books, classic novels, comics, name it. I'd read and finish a book even if I didn't like it (hello, Fifty Shades of Gray!) just for the sake of reading it. So when my highschool batchmate Iza Singson suggested forming a book club, I said I was game!

We started the Secret Book Club in January. It was like hitting two birds with one stone since I promised myself that I'd read more books this year and also be a little bit more social (which meant showing up at parties and joining clubs).
Apparently, it's the "in" thing right now. While reading this month's Cosmopolitan, I saw this feature.

Oh and yes, going out every night is kind of exhausting given my age (and my work) so it is nice to just chill and hangout. And that's what we did last night, SBC met for its first book club night at Bugsy's Alabang.

Meet the members of SBC (from the top clockwise): Iza Singson is a coach, Patty de Castro-Cuyugan is a stay-at-home mom slash blogger (check out her blog), Russ Ramilo is in advertising, I'm a lawyer, and Lar Barzaga-Campos is a former soccer player, now soccer mom. Balot del Rosario, who wasn't able to go that night, calls herself a corporate junkie. What a diverse group huh? :)

We talked about our Books of the Month, which we call BOMS, over nachos, chicken tenders, and cocktails.

Our BOMs for February were chosen by me and Lar: Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith (pseudonym of J.K. Rowling) and Ilustrado by Miguel Syjuco, respectively. Some of us were not able to read both books, most weren't able to finish Ilustrado. But it was nice hearing everyone's opinions, comments, and views. Iza and Russ, who are next in line, announced their chosen BOMs for March. I'll reveal them after our next book club night.

Patty even showed us her signed copy of Ilustrado. She got it in 2010. Pretty cool.

When I posted about SBC in my Instagram, some of you asked how you can join. Send me an email at so I can add you to our FB group. All bookworms are welcome although we do hold our book club nights in the South.
Happy Friday everyone! Cheers!


  1. A friend who read the books said Ilustrado was a good but mentally exhausting read. Like you have to be well-rested before reading it. Is it true? How did you find it mother?.:)

  2. KORYN. Yes, that's true. I actually wasn't able to finish it. It's better to read it in one sitting because there are so many shifts in the story. So when I read a few pages a night parang it's not so nice. But I'll try to allot 1 weekend for it :)

  3. Joei, hi. Would you know if there is a book club here in Metro Manila where the members are older, i.e. dual citizens? Thank you.


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