My Apple App Pick of the Week: Darklings.

I don't play games that much anymore since I'm running out of space with all the movies, tv shows, and productivity apps I have on my iPad, but I couldn't resist downloading Darklings because of its description:

Creepy creatures have nabbed the stars from the sky, and now these beasties are marching your way.

They toally had me at "creepy".

Since I just started, I only have one character to use. The other characters are yet to be unlocked as my game progresses.

These are the evil characters that you have to vanquish.

The way to beat the Furies, the Hollows, and the Crawlers is to draw the corresponding symbol on their head before they reach you. It actually reminds me of the runes in The Shadowhunter Chronicles (to those more familiar with the movie, The Mortal Instruments).

To make your life harder, there are missions that you have to complete while trying not to get eaten by the monsters. It sounds so simple but it's totally addicting.
How about you? Any other apps you'd like to share? :)

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