Market Basket: Modern Dampa.

More and more restaurants have been popping up in Alabang lately. One of them is Market Basket: Modern Dampa located at the new wing of Festival Mall called River Park.

I was invited to try their new dishes so I asked T and a few of my friends to come try it with me. Meet part of my "food trip" group -- T, Ervic Vijandre, Ariella Arida, and Champ Lui Pio. You'll see the rest of the group in my next blog posts.

Like I said, Market Basket is a modern dampa, where you can have fresh seafood cooked by the weight.

But they also have a separate menu of dishes. Here's a rundown of what was served to us that night.

Lechon Kawali Sisig (P295+SC)
Sisig made up of crispy lechon, onion, and chili.

Everyone liked this.

Stuffed Crab (P350+SC)
Fresh crab with crab meat and veggies

T and I really liked this but it's probably only good for one or at the most two people to share.

Assorted Fresh Fruit Salad with Asian Vinaigrette (P195+SC)

I was surprised that a dampa serves salads.

Mushroom Salad (P285+SC)
Salad composed of assorted lettuce and mushroom together with creamy balsamic dressing

I found this unique. I haven't tried a mushroom salad before. Ara said she likes this more than the other salad.

Tanigue Steak (P125+SC per 100g)
Grilled fish with olive oil and garlic

I liked this since I don't usually eat fish with lots of bones.

Grilled Pusit (P80+SC per 100g)
Squid stuffed with tomato, ginger, and onion

This is Ara and Ervic's favorite. Champ said it's really good.

Ribeye (P295+SC per 100g)

Champ said the steak was good. I liked the prawns.

Pasta with Crab Fat (P295+SC)

This is good, too.

During dinner, we were also served red wine.

Just when we thought we didn't have any space left in our stomachs, they served us desserts.. Yes, desserts with an S.

Ube Nilupak Roulade (P95+SC)
Dessert made from mashed cassava, sweet potato, and ube as filling

Our server said that this is one of their best-sellers.

Macapuno Balls

The serving seems small but it could be good for four because it was a bit too sweet.


Out of all desserts, I liked this the most.

Bread Pudding

Everyone said that it lacked something. I'm no expert or chef but I suggest some kind of white cream sauce that's usually served with bread puddings in hotel buffets.

My food photographers ;) Thanks for sharing your photos!

Chocolate Cake

This could have used a bit more chocolate flavor.

Blueberry Cheesecake

Again, it could have used a bit more of that cream cheese flavor. But the presentation was nice.

Thank you so much for inviting us Market Basket, especially to Vee and General Manager Chong! We really had fun that night :)

Thumbs Up!
Good food.
Friendly and attentive servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I will be back when we crave for fresh seafood.

Market Basket: Modern Dampa
Dining Date: 21 February 2014

The River Park
Festival Mall
Filinvest Corporate City

Instagram: @marketbasketph


  1. seafoods galore! super yummy! i'd love to try the ube macapuno ^_^

  2. Looks good! I'm curious if they have my fave dish from dampa.. The fish/shrimp with garlic butter sauce :D


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