Kessaku in Commercenter Alabang.

Kessaku is one of the first establishments to open in the new wing of Commercenter Alabang. This is actually our second time here; the first time we visited, the restaurant was still in its soft opening.

 The best place to sit is by the window.

Our server gave us complimentary Kani with Japanese Mayo.

T got a bowl of Miso Soup (P65 +10%SC) which is miso broth with tofu and seaweed.

I ordered the Maki Moriawase (P400 +10%SC) which has two pieces each of California Maki, Ushi, Ebi Tempura Crunchy, Dynamite Roll, Philadelphia Roll and Futo Maki. Our favorite is the Dynamite Roll which was really spicy!

T was really hungry and ordered a Spider Roll (P285 +10%SC) which is soft shell crab and crabstick in teriyaki sauce.

He also got Salmon Teppanyaki (P325 +10%SC) which is salmon grilled superior grade Norwegian salmon. This is good. I like the crunchy things they added to the side of the dish.

Then he ordered the 8pc Ushi Ebi Tempura (P650 +10%SC). Eight pieces seem like overkill since the pieces were so big. But we finished it because it was so good!

When they first served us our food, our server asked T if he wanted rice and he said no. But towards the middle of the meal, T suddenly craved for Mixed Kamameshi Rice (P450 +10%SC). He finished it all by himself, hungry bear.

Check out the rest of Kessaku's menu.

Thumbs Up!
Good ambiance.
Nice food presentation.
Attentive servers.
Best tempura in the South!

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I are adding Kessaku to our favorite Japanese restaurants in the South.

Dining Date: 14 March 2014
Contact Info
Commercenter Alabang
Filinvest Corporate City
Muntinlupa City
Tel No.: (02) 403-3445
Operating Hours


  1. is this review for real? i went to kassaku and i was SOOOO DISAPPOINTED! the service was bad and the utensils were dirty. worst of all, MOST of the items in the menu were not available! i tried their tiger roll, which according to them is their bestseller! i was not impressed. in fact, i was frustrated. the only thing that i can taste is sesame seeds. no other flavor.

    their FRESH lychee shake is NOT even fresh! it was just from a canned lychee that you can easily buy from the grocery and they will charge you for a very high price. i was expecting the supervisor to talk to me regarding my concerns, but apparently, she was hiding because she knew i was so frustrated with the food. when i went there, i was the ONLY customer dining, and they can't even provide quality service.

    i'm willing to pay for expensive food as long as it's good and the service is great. but in the case of kassaku, NO WAY! i don't know where they put the 10% service charge because from my experience, the staff are poorly trained. they don't deserve that service charge nor any tip at all!!!

  2. ANON. Sorry to hear about your experience in Kessaku. Fortunately, service was good when we were there and all of our needs were attended to. I didn't order a lychee shake nor the tiger roll so I can't really comment on that. We paid for our meals, if you're wondering if this review is sponsored. Maybe you can write management, I'm sure they'll appreciate hearing your comments. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  3. yes, i wrote my concerns in their page. apparently the moderator/owner deleted it. talk about lack of transparency. this is one of the reasons why i don't see the need to add that 10% service charge on top of bills in restaurants. customers are automatically FORCED to pay for lousy service. this alone cheapens the dining experience.

    i also don't see a good reason why they should open the restaurant in the first place if most of the items in the menu are not available. and the funny thing is, there's a supermarket near the area, just across it. ironic isn't it?

  4. i don't really understand why this restaurant pretend to be high-end where in fact it's not! there are better japanese fusion restaurants in the area, and this is a far cry from them. add foie gras in the dish doesn't make it fancy.

  5. Do they always serve complimentary amuse bouche to diners or is it just exclusive for bloggers and reviewers?

    The last time I ate there, they didn't serve me that complimentary amuse bouche while the other diners were served that dish.

    And I agree with previous comments that most of the time, the items in the menu are not available. So sad but true. Never coming back to this place again. Apart from being expensive, the food wasn't that great and the service was bad.


    By the way, I love your blog.

  6. ANON. Hi! I'm not sure if they served only for that particular time period when we dined (did you dine the same month we did?) but it's safe to say that it's not just for bloggers or reviewers because, like I mentioned above, we just went there and paid for our meal. I'm pretty transparent when it comes to reviews and I always mention if we're invited to try the place. And even if they pay for our meals, if it's not good then I'll say it isn't good.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience there. Maybe if you leave your full name and contact info here or on their FB page, management can reach you? Just a thought :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog!

  7. I recently tried this restaurant after reading your blog. Honestly, I was very disappointed. Service was bad! Food wasn't great either.

  8. went to try kessaku because you gave good reviews... to my dismay, their food is overrated... service was lousy, and the food arrived late. some items in the menu were not available.

    1. I'm sorry your experience was different from ours. Maybe a lot has changed in a year. I've dined there in March 2014 when it just opened. If you leave your real name and contact number on their Facebook page, I'm sure they'll reach out to you.

      Same with all the other anonymous commenters on this blog post of mine :)


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