Valentine's Lunch at My Mother's Garden:

This is the first Valentine's date that was a surprise and completely 100% T's idea. Previous Valentines' were either my ideas, my suggestions, or my plans. Well, ok, maybe 99% this time, since I planted the idea in T's head when I asked him, "Where are we going this Valentine's?"
All I knew was that we were going to some place in Makati or Pasay since he asked me to check the traffic via the MMDA iPhone app. We drove along EDSA then turned right into a small street called Zamora. We passed houses, motels, and more houses until T slowed down and stopped in front of a brown gate.

I really didn't know what to expect, then an old lady opened the gate and revealed what was inside

I felt like the kid who discovered "The Secret Garden".

Greeting us by the front door was Mrs. Malu Antonio-Veloso, owner of the house and daughter of Dona Marina Antonio and National Artist for Architecture Pablo S. Antonio, Sr. I thought she was on her way out to play tennis because she was holding a racket. Apparently, it was a contraception to buzz mosquitoes dead :D

Mrs. Malu was very friendly and toured us around while the chef prepared our food. The first thing she showed us were necklaces that her daughter made.

They were so pretty. I wanted the white crystal ones.
Then she showed us the other rooms where tables were set up for Valentines dinner.


Mrs. Malu showed us the CD of the music playing in the background. The band was called The Piano Guys, a favorite of her grandkids. But she said for later, she'll also be playing Harana, which was her favorite.

The inside of the house was picturesque that I couldn't help but take photos.

I think it's best to go during the day time so you can appreciate the surroundings more.


On regular days, you will be asked to choose from set menu that range from P700 up. But for Valentine's Day, they had a buffet. Here's a rundown of what was served.


I like how the salad was a mix of greens and not just plain iceberg lettuce.

There were four choices for the dressing (counterclockwise from the left): Basil, Mango, Caesar, and the orange one. I was able to try everything except the Caesar, which T said was cheesy but good. My favorite is the orange-y one because of its strong flavor.

Dahon ("Leaf")

At first, T and I were clueless what this was.

Apparently, you put everything on a leaf and roll like a lumpia.

T and I have never tried anything like this and finished the whole plate.
For the pasta, they served Fettucine and Angel Hair.
For the sauce, there were three options: Chorizo, Black Olives, and Pomodoro. I tried all three and the chorizo was my favorite. It was T's as well. For my last serving of pasta, I combined all three. So good!
Pork Tenderloim with Mushrooms and Gravy
This would've been dry without the gravy.
Shrimps in Garlic
I love this! We finished the whole thing. For the last few pieces, I mixed the shrimps with my pasta.

At first, I thought it was something like Arroz a la Cubana when T told me that Mrs. Malu called it "pink rice". T liked how mangoes were added on top.

I thought there wasn't any dessert so I just got some strawberries on the buffet table offered earlier by Mrs. Malu.
But then our server placed a platter on our table, as well as a bunch of strawberries with syrup. T's favorite was the peanut butter tart, mine was the strawberries in syrup.
Remember those necklaces that her daughter made? I think Ms. Malu read my mind and gave me one. This is the best Valentine's giveaway I have ever received!
T and I really enjoyed our dining experience at My Mother's Garden :)
Thumbs Up!
Friendly owner.
Great ambiance.
Attentive server.
Good home-cooked food.

Thumbs Down!
It's just hard to find if you're not familiar with the place.
There are mosquitoes because of the plants surrounding the place. Mrs. Malu and her staff made sure that we weren't bothered by buzzing them dead. But to be sure, just bring bug spray.

T and I will definitely be back!

My Mother's Garden
Dining Date: 14 February 2014
Contact Information
*It's best to call before going to reserve and
to ask how much their rate is for that day.

Tel No.: Malu Antonio Veloso (+63 917 600 8886)
Letlet Antonio Veloso (+63 918 702 2125)
How To Get to My Mother's Garden

Drive along EDSA towards Taft Avenue.
Before the LRT Taft Avenue overpass, you''ll see Metropoint Mall.
Turn right on to that small street.
Just go straight until you see a brown gate with the number "2650".
The house will be on your right.



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  1. Looks good! I love the backlight ever of your last photo with your hubby. :)


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