Tipsy Pig Gastropub in Capital Commons.

Like I always say, T and I rarely go beyond Manila or Makati even if there's a restaurant we both want to try.  But this time, we reached Capital Commons in Kapitolyo to support our friends who are part owners of Tipsy Pig Gastropub.

First Visit

That night, T and I met up with Philip Palafox, Neil Arce, Nino Barbers, and Tipsy Pig's chef Rainier Barbers. 

I took a peek inside and the place was packed!

Even the outdoor seating was all occupied.

Nino suggested that T try the Belly Good Sisig Tacos (P280/$6+SC) which is perfectly cooked crispy pork belly made to a local favorite local sisig, wrapped in tortilla with Asian soy garlic.  T loved it!

I was excited for the steak that Neil was telling me about, Rib Eye 11 (P1,320/$29) which is an 11-ounce grilled wet-aged rib eye with peppercorn jus, chili cherry tomatoes, and a choice of mashed potatoes or crispy fries.

Nino suggested we have the mashed potatoes and Chef Rain gave us extra rub for the steak.

The steak was good on its own but the rub was so addicting!  We asked Chef Rain what was in the rub but he said it was a secret ;)

T got the Grilled Salmon Steak (P360/$8+SC) with beurre blanc, pesto, and a choice of penne, carbonara, or mashed potatoes.  T chose the carbonara.

For beer drinkers out there, Tipsy Pig has flavored beers: Salted Caramel, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Passion Fruit, Green Apple, Peach, and Cerveza 43.  T got a regular Salted Caramel Beer (P110/$2.45).  They also offer the jumbo glasses priced at P285/$6+SC and up.

I had no plans of drinking that night but Neil told me to try Dirty's Salted Caramel Martini (P225/$5+SC) made of Absolut Vanilla, kahlua and salted caramel.  The drink was named after him because Dirty Ice Cream was the alias Neil used when he was Asia's #1 poker player (naks! ;))

It was a fun night with topics ranging from overpriced bunk houses c/o Philip to how it was like working in a restaurant on the Eiffel Tower c/o Chef Rain.  In between were funny lines c/o Robinson Laxa :D

Second Visit

Remember my OOTD post yesterday?  It was a good thing I wore what I wore because we were seated at the al fresco dining area of Tipsy Pig.   It's not really that cold, like... COLD but I had the chills because I was running a fever that night.

T's blockmate Raymond Torralba and his wife Ivy were visiting from Canada so T and his blockmates Jay-R Tan, Ramon de Leon, Deo Nuesca, and Raffy Dy organized a little surprise in Tipsy Pig.

T and I ordered the Belly Good Sisig Tacos (this time I got to try it and T was right, it's good!) and Rib Eye 11 again.  

Since I was sick, I got Zuppa Di Tomate (P150/$3.33+SC) which is hearty slow cooked tomato puree, creme, mozarella, and cheddar.  The soup helped keep me warm.

T also ordered the Shrimp Popcorn (P490/$11+SC) which is freshly popped beer battered shrimps. It looks nice but I would've preferred that the sauce be on the side though.

This time, it was the girls who had Dirty's Salted Caramel Martini.

For me it was just water and a jar of peppermint and ginger cream to help with my cold (thanks Belijah!). 

But fever and all, I think I wasn't that much of a party pooper since I lasted until after midnight :D

Thumbs Up!
Good steak.
Servings are good for sharing.
Great music selection.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that it's always full nowadays.

Even if this is far from us, the sisig tacos and steak are worth coming back for.  Plus, I want to try the beer can chicken next!

Tipsy Pig
Most Recent Dining Date: 24 January 2014

Contact Information
U-21A & R-2B
Capital Commons
Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Boulevard
Pasig City

Tel No.: (02) 570-4620
Mobile No.: (0916) 734-2837
(0946) 595-2798

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
4:00pm to 3:00am


  1. This is near my office but I haven't tried it because the place is always packed nga raw. :)

  2. A friend also said they called one Thursday to reserve for Friday but the reservation was full na raw! It must be that good :)


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