Saibachi in Metro Gaisano Alabang.

If you're looking for a good Japanese restaurant that's not too hard on the wallet, pay a visit to Saibachi in Metro Gaisano Alabang.

My favorite thing to order here is the Takoyaki (P35/$0.77 for 3 pcs). It's fairly good for the price.

T got the Chicken Teriyaki Bento (P130/$2.88) which he liked. The chicken was good and the rice was really Japanese rice. T just felt like the salad didn't really go well with the dish and tasted like coleslaw. I thought that there was just too much mayo on it.

I got the Sukiyaki (P110/$2.44) which was so good, especially for its price. And the temperature was just right.

T got Shrimp Tempura (P120/$2.66) to share. It was ok for the price but I could taste something, probably from the oil.

Thumbs Up!
Good but inexpensive Japanese food.

Thumbs Down!
One time, when I ordered Takoyaki around 8:30pm, it was served to me only lukewarm, almost cold. The lady was probably rushing since they close at 9pm.

For quick eats, this is on the top of our list.

Most Recent Dining Date: 19 February 2014

Metro Gaisano
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

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