Pre-Valentine's Date at Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar.

Growing up, I wasn't really much of a Valentine's girl. Don't get me wrong, I did appreciate receiving flowers and chocolates.. And oh, the famous harana, which I would say was the Rolls Royce of Valentines gifts then, when things were much simpler.
T feels the same way about Valentines because in his mind, we don't need a holiday to celebrate. It can be done any day, every day, and we actually do that! As you can see from my blog entries, we dine in special places, whether or not T and I have something to celebrate.

But our office had a pre-Valentines celebration; everyone was wearing red, we had a small salo-salo complete with chocolate fondue and heart marshmallows, and that set the mood for this year's Valentines for me. T told me he has something planned on Valentine's Day itself, around lunch time, so coming home from work on February 13, I didn't expect anything. I was even making him kulit to hurry up so we could go to Bugsy's Alabang and eat dinner.
Then he appeared on my doorstep with long-stemmed Ecuadorian white roses!

We left my house to go to Westgate for a Bugsy's steak dinner when T suggested that we pass by Caviar, a fairly new fine dining restaurant and champagne bar in Alabang.

I was curious about the restaurant so that was my first choice for Valentine's dinner. But because I told T only a few days before the 14th, Caviar was already full and not accepting reservations anymore. But since we were going to Westgate any way, T said he might as well ask.

Initially, the girl at the front desk said that they were full for the night. Fortunately, the owner overheard their conversation, welcomed T in, and told us to wait by the bar so they could prepare our table.

We waited for around two minutes then our server Haime (yes, with an H) led us to our table. Looking around the area, I saw a few vacant tables. So what was up the hostess telling T they were full?  Hmm...

For Valentine's weekend, Caviar had a set menu at P2,900/$65 per head (+10%SC).

First on the list was a half bottle of Sparkling Wine.

Next was the Amuse Boche, which looked like cherries but actually coated cream cheese. T and I both loved it.

Then came our soup, Cappuccino de Tomate et Lavande which was a cappuccino of fresh Italian pomodoro with lavender foam and cream.

Our server Haime kidded T and gave him a bowl with just a pinch of foam and said, "Enjoy your soup, Sir!". T was like, "HUH?" then he got that it was a joke and we all laughed.  

After we finished our soups, they served us Moules a la Maison which a dimsum baskest containing steamed mussels, shrimps, and fennel rose wine. I ate both mine and T's share. You'll know why in a bit.

Before the main course, our server handed us Sorbet d' Amour or red rose and raspberry sorbet to clean our palates.

Then came the main course, Carre d'Agneau which is a rack of lamb, millefeuille of beetroot and artichoke, potato duenesse, and honey thyme sauce.  LAMB!  Oh my.  I don't eat cute animals so I've never tasted (and have no plans of eating lamb).  We asked the server if there were any other options for the main course and he said there was none.  That's why I ate T's soup, seafood plate, and the side dishes of the main course while T got 2 racks of lamb.

T said it was soft and tender and very flavorful although he felt that a part of the lamb contained too much fat.

Last on the list was the Grande Dessert de Valentine's, a heart-shaped sponge cake with strawberry fondant icing. Our server Haime said the chef purposely served it in one plate for the couples to share.

Just when I thought dinner was done, two macarons were placed on our table.  T said that he was already too full so I ate both.

Since T and I were the last ones to leave, I took photos of the dining area then, so as not to disturb the privacy of the couples during dinner rush.

This area by the bar is so nice! 

There's just a humongous lizard on the wall.

Like I always say, spur-of-the-moment things are always the best!  Thank you T <3 br="">

Thumbs Up
They give each girl a tulip.
Friendly and attentive server.
Accommodating owner.

Thumbs Down
That girl in front that said they were full when they actually had vacant tables inside.

T and I will definitely be back to try their ala carte menu or Sunday brunch menu.  To view Caviar's menu, click HERE.

Caviar Restaurant & Champagne Bar
Dining Date: 13 February 2014

Contact Information
Unit A-206
Westgate Alabang
Tel No.: (02) 552-7930
Mobile No.: (0906) 574-5916
Operating Hours
11:30am - 2:00pm
6:00pm - 10:00pm
9:00am - 2:00pm
5:30pm - 10:00pm
But the bar is open until midnight daily


  1. So nice that you and T always make it a point to try something new joei! :) that caviar resto and champagne bar sure looks nice.


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