Nik & Nic 2014: The Juban-Espina Wedding.

In the spirit of Valentine's, I've been posting mostly about sweet and love-related things. So I think this is the best time to post about the wedding of our friends, Nikolo Juban and Nicola Espina. Yes, Nikolo and Nicola! Cute huh? :)

The wedding was at the Juban Farm in Batangas, near The Farm at San Benito.

As soon as we parked our car, a golf cart came to pick us up.  By the entrance were sunglasses for the guests.

The theme of the wedding was "Garden Chic". Nicola told the girls to wear comfortable shoes so I wore flat jeweled sandals.   My only problem was that it was already so cold during the day and it would probably get even colder at night.  Good thing I remembered this glitter cape which I bought recently and surprisingly, it went well with my dress.  Yay!

T was part of the entourage so they hung out at Nik's trailer. Technically, I wasn't supposed to be in the area since it was a "guys only" kind of thing but I wanted to take photos of T (stage girlfriend!). Nik was nice enough to let me stay inside the trailer while they chatted and drank beer.

Not long after, the ceremony started. Nik and Nic actually got married the week before at a church that's why they were allowed to have a garden wedding, which is sort of like a renewal of vows.  The vows the couples exchanged were beautiful and everyone was in tears.

After the ceremony, everyone was led to another area for cocktails.

It was cute that there were games to keep the guests occupied while the couples took photos and changed. I learned later from Nicola that this was a surprise from the groom's brother, Poxy.

Instead of a guestbook, there was a wooden frame where guests could "leaf" their signatures for the bride and groom.

Even their photo booth was unique.

T and I never have normal photo booth photos because we'd always goof around. Actually, he'd start to goof around and I'd be laughing in the background. So while everyone was smiling and fitting themselves into the hanging frame, T was reaching out of the frame :D

T and I both loved every little detail and decor. So pretty!

And then dusk came and we all experienced a pink sunset #nofilter

But as soon as the sun went down, it became even colder! Everyone, even those who don't really drink, drank wine, scotch, or beer just to keep warm.

Table #21: Me, T, Ervic Vijandre, Champ Lui Pio, Roda King, and Gelli Victor.

 It was that cold that Bela had to ask Neil for his hoodie from the car.

Neil Arce and Bela Padilla.

Then we were all allowed to go inside the dining area.

Our friends Roda and Gelli were the hosts for the evening. Gelli really hosts weddings and events but it was Roda's first time to host so we cheered him on.

Not long after, Roda and Gelli announced the arrival of the bride and groom.

The first thing they did was to cut the cake.

Picture with the couple before dinner.

After dinner, the groom's brother and best man Poxy delivered his speech. Earlier, Poxy told us that he wasn't really used to talking in front of a lot of people. T, who shares the same sentiments about talking in front of a crowd, told Poxy to drink a bit before to ease his nerves.

T was teasing Poxy while he was delivering his speech and what do you know? Karma acts fast. There was a technical glitch with the on-site video so Roda and Gelli had to buy time and called T, the reason for this whole love story. He told everyone how he saw Nicola at a coffee shop and called Nik so he could rush there and pretend that he was just passing by. That's how it all started and years later, here we all are, at Nik and Nic's wedding :)

After the on-site video was the fireworks display.

Poxy, Ervic, Champ, Roda, and T.

With the beautiful bride.

Me and T with the bride and groom.

And then it went all crazy from there ;)

Ervic wanted a photo with the couple so T and I went to the side to give him space. But whoever took the photo wanted to play a prank and included us in the frame! LOL

Me and T with Nik and Nic.

Everyone was dancing, laughing, and just having fun, including the bride and groom!

It was such a fun, fun wedding. Thank you for sharing it with us! More love, happiness (and babies!) to you, Nikolo and Nicola!  And happy Valentine's Day to everyone! :)

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  1. The first photo of you and Timmy is profile pic worth, mother! Such a candid and nice moment :)


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