Moleskine Passion Restaurant Journal.

Two reasons why I love the Moleskine Passion Restaurant Journal:

REASON #1 - I'm an avid fan of Moleskine.  I've tried all kinds; monthly, weekly, daily, blank notebooks, limited editions. I sometimes even keep two at a time, one as a planner and one as a journal or a scrapbook.  It was only this year that I didn't buy a Moleskine.  I figured I already have my cat portfolio as my work and personal planner and my Jane a Day journal as my diary, then I have a Starbucks planner as a doodle notebook.  So for the first time in 7 years, I did not buy a Moleskine.

REASON  #2 - T and I dine out so often that I have a lot of dining experiences in restaurants I want to share here in my blog.  But because I don't get to write every day, I forget about the restaurant or even if I do remember, I have difficulty recalling what we ate and what we thought about it.

So when T told me about the Moleskine journal made specifically for dining out experiences, I wanted one!  Unfortunately, it was gone when we went to Fully Booked Alabang, where he saw it.  But the accommodating staff called other branches, found a piece, and had it reserved under my name.  Yipee!

After a few days, I got my Moleskine Passion Restaurant Journal from Fully Booked Alabang and I'm having a blast using it.  I get to write our thoughts on the spot which serves both as a reminder for future blog entries and as a diary of our dining experiences.  It also has a "Wishlist" section where I can write the restaurants I want to try.  Neat!

But you know what the best part for me is?  Not breaking my tradition of having Moleskine notebooks or planners every year (same for Starbucks which I purposely don't collect but sayang naman if I don't redeem since I'm a Starbucks coffee addict) #OCproblems

How about you?  What planner are you using this year?

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