Mochi Sweets: Japanese Luxury Sweets in SM Aura.

It's Valentine's week! So I'll be posting sweet stuff all throughout the week ;)
After having a late lunch in Food on Four (read my blog post on Yakitori One and Four Seasons Chinese Cuisine), I craved for something sweet and saw Mochi Sweets on the same floor as the food court.

The set up was nice with Japanese decors on the walls.

Mochi Donuts? How cute!

But T and I went to the glass display and looked at their classic mochis.

We ended up getting the following flavors: Green Tea, Chocolate Mousse, and Cream Chocolate (P70/$1.50 each).

The mochis are individually wrapped like this.

With the flavor indicated on the tape that seals each package.

Thumbs Up!
I still like the traditional mochi with ice cream filling but this is a good alternative for those who wants to bring home mochis or give them as a gift for Valentine's.
Thumbs Down!
The lady on the counter was tinatamad and she wasn't really that attentive to me and T. That's why we only got a few pieces instead of buying a whole lot more.
Since I'm still a fan of the mochi with ice cream and I experienced not-so-good service here, I'm not sure if I'm going back. Let's see.

Mochi Sweets
Dining Date: 24 December 2014
Contact Information 
4/F SM Aura Premier
26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway
Taguig City

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