The Black Pig Charcuterie, Bar & Restaurant in Commercenter Alabang.

It's great how more and more restaurants are popping up here in Alabang.  The newest one T and I have tried is The Black Pig in Commercenter.

It might be difficult to find the restaurant since most of the establishments around are still under construction.  Just go along Commerce Avenue and look for Army Navy or Yellow Cab.  When you see it, just go along the side street and look for Commercenter.  The building has its own parking area.  Here's a map from their Facebook page to help you out.

"The Black Pig is inspired by our shared appreciation for two noble creatures: Spain’s black Iberico pig, known to be the finest ham in the world, and our own native lechon, widely regarded as the Philippines’ national dish. Each one has interesting origins and distinct benefits; both are delicious beyond compare." 

The Black Pig is still on its soft opening but T and I were surprised to see a lot of people there already.

Since there were no more available tables inside, the server led us to the balcony where there were couches and huge tables.  It was a nice night to stay out and the outdoor seating area was pretty nice with the candles and all but it became a little bit too chilly for me so I requested for a table inside as soon as one got vacated.

This probably isn't The Black Pig's final menu yet since they're still on soft opening.

T ordered Crustacean and Lemongrass Bisque (P280/$6.22+SC). It was interesting how the bisque was served to us.  The server first placed a bowl with soft tiger prawn ravioli and confit tomato and that's when he poured the bisque over it.  The flavor is a bit strong though and it's more of akin to a broth than to a creamy soup.  But hard core crustacean fans will love this.

For his main, T got Pan Fried Cod (P520/$11.55+) with beetroot, spinach, baby squid, fish, and parsley sauce.  This dish is amazing!  The flavors all blend well together, especially the beetroot and the sauce.  Yum.

I got the Oven Baked Local Pork Belly and Bone Marrow (P480/$10.67+SC) with baby carrots, mashed potato, thyme, and garlic-infused jus.  This was just ok.  Or maybe my expectations were so high up there since I know The Black Pig specializes in pork.  I love the crunchy part (on the rightmost part of the plate) but the pork belly itself could've used more salt.   I also like how the bone marrow has crunchy bits and not just fat infused in oil.

This entree comes with a cup of rice.

If you're at a loss as to wine pairing, there's a board to guide you.

I got a glass of Sangria (P150/$3.33+SC).

While T got the Beer Flight (P350/$7.77+SC) which is four big shot glasses of different beer.  MMA stands for Mount Macedonia Pale Ale.  T said this is a sweet beer.  ESB stands for Extra Special Bitter.  T said this is strong bitter beer.  He found Road Trip American too strong and liked Weizen most of all.

I'm a cheese lover so I'm so glad T got addicted to cheese recently.  He got The Black Pig Cheese Selection (P580/$13+SC). 

The ambiance, the coziness... T and I love it here!

Thumbs Up!
Despite having friends over, the owner went to our table and asked us how we found out about the restaurant.
Since there were no coasters, the servers kept wiping the table for spills from our drinks.  Very attentive, good service.
Superb food presentation.
Interesting decor.
Nice outdoor sitting area.
Building has its own parking area.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that you might have a hard time finding it if you're not familiar with the area.

We'll definitely be back!

The Black Pig
Dining Date: 30 December 2013

The Commercenter Alabang
Commerce Avenue corner East Asia Drive
Filinvest Corporate City

Tel No.: (02) 808-1406
Mobile No.: (0917) 846-2674

Operating Hours


Tuesday to Sunday
12:00nn - 3:00pm (lunch)
6:30pm - 10:00pm (dinner)
*Bar is open 3pm onwards

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