Food Four SM Aura: Yakitori One & Four Seasons Chinese Cuisine.

Twelve hours before Christmas Eve, T and I were only supposed to go to Alabang Town Center to buy Christmas wrapper for last minute gift wrapping when we couldn't think of a place to eat.

"You want to go to SM Aura?", T asked.

Me, in über casual I'm-just-going-to-town-center clothes (but who loves spontaneity) enthusiastically said, "Ok!".

We went through floor by floor not really seeing anything we both liked until we came about SM Aura's food court called Food on Four.

Four Seasons Chinese Cuisine

T felt like eating Chinese food so he went to Four Seasons, which is owned by President's Tea House.

T got Steamed Pork Siomai (P80/$1.77). He said it was just ok.

He also got Spareribs Set (P180/$4) which is composed of soup, rice and spareribs. The spareribs were all bones but T said it was good.

Lastly, he got Lechon Macau (P160/$3.55). The serving size is big but it wasn't good.

Yakitori One

I, on the other hand, wanted Japanese so I went to Yakitori One, sister company of Pepper Lunch.

The line was pretty long so I guessed the food was good. A girl went up to me and showed me their menu.

While in line, I saw this machine. Pretty cool.

My main order was the F-Don set (P198/$4.40), which is Chicken/Bell Pepper, Chicken/Onion Leek, Asparagus Pork Wrap on rice.   

But I was tempted by the display near the counter and got an additional order of Chicken Karaage (P45/$1). 

My total bill was just P238 ($5.28).  WOW!  Love it.

Food Four
Dining Date: 24 December 2013

4th level SM Aura
 Bonifacio Global City

Yakitori One

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  1. I want to try Yakitori One and try the machine! #nerd

  2. Hi Joei! I saw this old post of yours and got my attention because I (well, my hubby and I) super love Yakitori One. We always order the one with Quail Eggs and the Grilled chicken thigh. :)


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