Ara's Birthday (part 2): Dessert at The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula.

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The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula

My friends and I still wanted to have coffee but since Maria Luisa's Garden Room (read my blog post on Maria Luisa) closes early, we had to go somewhere that's open until late.  Of course, I suggested The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula which is a no-fail, 'open 24 hours' place that serves good breakfast, dessert, and coffee.  But I guess everyone had the same idea and we had to wait a while before getting a table.

I thought everyone was full and I was the only one craving for dessert when birthday girl Ara asked what was good there.  I suggested the fondues.  She ended up choosing the Dark Chocolate Fondue Set (P430/$10++), with the "Healthy naman kasi dark chocolate diba?".  We both laughed because we both knew we were kidding ourselves. 

All fondue sets come with a plate of assorted seasonal fruits, dark and white sponge cake, marshmallows and chocolate cigars for dipping.

Ara also got a Nutella Chocolate Fudge Brownie (P300/$6.50++) with vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate sauce.  This is too sweet for my taste.

I thought T, Ara and I were splitting the fondue and brownie but T ordered his own Banana Split.

 It seems like everyone wanted a bit of dessert as well so Ara ordered another round of Dark Chocolate Fondue.  This time, the set came with bananas but no grapes.

The place was buzzing with activity that we didn't notice the time.  It was almost 3am!  Wow.  

Thumbs Up!Good dessert and breakfast.
Open 24 hours.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

This is a go-to place for me when I want to eat and everything is closed already.

The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula
Most Recent Dining Date: 20 December 2013

Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues
 1226 Makati City
Metro Manila
Tel No.: (02) 887-2888


  1. Hi Joei,

    I just discovered your blog today as I was searching for posts about Maria Luisa's Garden Room, and I must admit I love your blog already. :-) I have finally found the blog I will follow forever. :-) I enjoy reading your posts and you have real nice pictures, especially the one with your friends by the Pen's Christmas tree. :-) May IaSK where did you buy your black bag or what brand is it? Its so nice and classy. :-)

    Thanks and more power to you :-)


  2. PAMMY. Thanks so much! That means a lot. Same person that asked about the necklace in my previous post? Anyway, the bag is MNG :)

  3. Gee! Thanks for your reply :-)

    Pammy :-)


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