Casa Marcos Restobar in Burgos Circle.

Last week, Patty Laurel, Kelly Misa, Nicole Hernandez, Karen Pamintuan, and I had lunch at Casa Marcos in Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio.

Bugsy's Alabang in the Philippine Star.

My other blog post on Bugsy's:
Grand Opening of Bugsy's Bar and Bistro in Alabang

Last Tuesday, Pepper Teehankee wrote about Bugsy's Alabang in his column for the Philippine Star.

Food Four SM Aura: Yakitori One & Four Seasons Chinese Cuisine.

Twelve hours before Christmas Eve, T and I were only supposed to go to Alabang Town Center to buy Christmas wrapper for last minute gift wrapping when we couldn't think of a place to eat.

"You want to go to SM Aura?", T asked.

Me, in ├╝ber casual I'm-just-going-to-town-center clothes (but who loves spontaneity) enthusiastically said, "Ok!".

We went through floor by floor not really seeing anything we both liked until we came about SM Aura's food court called Food on Four.

The Black Pig Charcuterie, Bar & Restaurant in Commercenter Alabang.

It's great how more and more restaurants are popping up here in Alabang.  The newest one T and I have tried is The Black Pig in Commercenter.

Project Pie Philippines: Design Build Eat Your Own Artisan Pizza.

I first heard of Project Pie when it opened in Shaw.  T and I love pizzas so we kept making plans but anything beyond Makati rarely happens for us (aka South people lazy to go out).  So when Project Pie opened in Macapagal and in Alabang, T and I went to both branches, pronto!

Project Pie Blue Bay Walk

There's a whole block being constructed along Macapagal Boulevard near Mall of Asia called Blue Bay Walk.  One of the first few establishments that's already operational is Project Pie.

Hatch 22 at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

I'm not a breakfast person but this week, I had breakfast, well, brunch with T twice. The first was in Luna Specialty Coffee and the second was in Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery, located at the ground floor of the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, where Crustascia used to be.

Deliciously Healthy! A Healthier Interactive Workshop for the Family.

Join Junior Master Chef Louise Mabulo and Chef Margo Lao in their interactive workshop called Deliciously Healthy on January 11 (Saturday), 3 to 5 in the afternoon at The Atrium EDSA Shangri-La.

Thank you for the invite Louise!  Hope I can visit you and your mom in Bicol to try your dishes in Bigg's Diner (read my blog post about a previous visit to Bigg's Dinner)! :)

Luna Specialty Coffee in Bonifacio Global City.

If you're a coffee aficionado looking for a new cafe to try, check out Luna Specialty Coffee in Bonifacio Global City.  The cafe is owned by Lino Cayetano who is an avid fan of coffee (and who recently got married to Fille Cainglet, congratulations!) so you're sure to be served the best brew.

Maple Restaurant at Commercenter Alabang.

T and I first saw Maple when they opened in San Antonio Plaza in Forbes Park.  It's on our list of restaurants to visit but something always came up.  Then Joei & Me got an invitation to the opening of Maple's Shangrila branch but unfortunately, my schedule got messed up that day so T and I were not able to go.  So when I heard that they were opening in Alabang, I thought this was fate ;)

Project Ideas for the New Year.

Most of us start the new year with projects we hope to keep for the next 365 days.  Here are some that I plan to do this year.

1. Five-Year One Sentence Journal

Because of this book I'm reading called 'The Happiness Project', I contemplated on getting a five-year journal but didn't have much to choose from except The Happiness Project's version.  Good thing I waited before buying it because my friend Dianne Lee gave me a prettier 5-year journal called 'Jane-a-Day' for Christmas. 
I don't have fixed rules on what to write because having and keeping a single journal every day for five years is challenging enough.  But if you want a theme, you can write about:

  • the best thing that happened to you that day
  • something you are thankful for (upon waking up)
  • daily resolutions you are able to keep
  • wish/want for the day
  • prayer for the day (before going to sleep)

Ara's Birthday (part 2): Dessert at The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula.

My other blog post on The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula:
The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula

My friends and I still wanted to have coffee but since Maria Luisa's Garden Room (read my blog post on Maria Luisa) closes early, we had to go somewhere that's open until late.  Of course, I suggested The Lobby at the Manila Peninsula which is a no-fail, 'open 24 hours' place that serves good breakfast, dessert, and coffee.  But I guess everyone had the same idea and we had to wait a while before getting a table.

Ara's Birthday (part 1): Dinner at Maria Luisa's Garden Room.

My friends and I kind of have this tradition to see each other and celebrate my friend Ara Sam's birthday in some place we all haven't been to.  Last year was in Tagaytay (read my blog post about Hacienda Isabella).  This year, Ara chose Maria Luisa's Garden Room.

Hello 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!