Old Fashioned Carnival in Molito Alabang.

If you grew up in Alabang during the 90's, you'd most probably have the best childhood memories in an old-fashioned carnival called 'Big Bang sa Alabang'.  So when I saw a ferris wheel in the Molito Commercial Complex, where Big Bang used to be, I asked T if we could pay a visit.

A clown greeted me as soon as we entered.  Ack!  Scary.  I never really liked clowns.  But I decided to face my fears and take a photo with him.  I don't look too happy though. 

The carnival is probably only 1/32th of the old Big Bang sa Alabang, which used to cover the whole Molito area.  But the carnival still has the old favorites like the Coin Toss booth.  You basically throw a 1 peso coin and it has to land on a square, without touching any lines.

This used to be my favorite game during the Big Bang sa Alabang days.  I don't know why my friends and I spent so much time playing this when all we could win are plates, glasses, and candies!  I guess kids were more mababaw then ;)

On my fifth throw, I won 7 pesos!

There's also the Wheel of Fortune which I remember to be another favorite of ours.  But there so many people putting in bets that T and I couldn't join.  Maybe during our next visit.

One game I know I'm good at is this.

Between me and T, we got 20 points or so which is equivalent to a pack of Oreo and some other kiddie stuff.

I'm a chambalera when it comes to darts

But the prizes were cute so T and I gave it a try.  We only won candies which we gave to the kids watching us.

The last game we tried was the hoops.  I'm no good at this so I let T play.  We didn't win anything.

There are also rides in the carnival.

I asked T if we could ride on the Horror Train.  He said no.  Boo.

It was also a no for the Ferris Wheel.  He said it was because we just ate ;)

There's no entrance fee so the next time you have dinner at the Molito Commercial Complex, you can pay a visit to the carnival.  But the ground is made up of stones so try not to wear heels.

Be kids and have fun! :)

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  1. My husband has made kwento over and over again about how Big Bang in Alabang was such a big event before. There was supposed to be a revival. Is this the one?


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