Giveaway: Win a Tub Filled with 100pcs of Washi Tape from Tiddlywinks! (CLOSED)

T would always tease me about buying cute but useless stuff.  Well, they're not actually useless but more of things that I don't really need but I buy them just because of their aliw factor.

So let me introduce you to Tiddlywinks, a shop was started by a group of friends who travel a lot and buy those cutsie things to sell!

Like this magnetic map, perfect for the real jetsetter in you.

Price: Php 1,499

Have an Instax Mini camera (read my blog post about this)?  They also sell films!

Price: Php 525

Price: Php 545

I like ones from the Cath Kidston line.

Price: Php 565

Check out these Sanrio products purchased during a recent trip to Japan.

Price: Php 75 per set (so cheap!)

Price: Php 109

But my favorite is the Smashbook Folio which is being sold in Fully Booked and Powerbooks at a much higher price!  Smashbook is a hassle-free scrapbook, perfect for busy people.   It has a pen with ink on one end and glue on the other, making it easier to just "smash" everything in.  It comes in different colors (pink, orange, green, blue and red) with pages that have different designs.  Like I said, perfect for people who don't have time to decorate but love to document memories.

Watch this video and you'll see what I mean:

So let's get on with the giveaway.  For Christmas, Tiddlywinks is giving away...

A tub filled with 100pcs of washi tape!

OMG right?  Now don't panic.  To join the giveaway, just follow the instructions below:

Goodluck!  And may the odds be ever in your favor! ;)

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