Mango Tree Cafe in SM Southmall.

After having lunch for 4 hours in Sambo Kojin (read my blog post about our Christmas lunch), my friends and I wanted coffee to wake us up so we went to Mango Tree Cafe, which was just a few restaurants away.

I like the ambiance of the place.  There's also a long chalkboard on the surrounding walls of the restaurant.  I wanted to write on it but the server didn't offer chalk ;)

I got a Capuccino (Php 120) and love how they placed the brown sugar in a shot glass.  I don't usually like brown sugar with my coffee but I felt bad not using it while it was presented so nicely.  

However, both my coffee and that of my friend Leah's were less than lukewarm when served to us.  But when we asked our server if he can reheat it, he willingly obliged and I think he even gave us a fresh batch.

Thumbs Up!
Nice ambiance.
Good service.

Thumbs Down! 
Got served lukewarm coffee (but it was replaced as soon as we called their attention).

I want to go back here to try their dishes.  I love Thai and haven't had that in a while!

Mango Tree Cafe
Dining Date: 15 December 2013

Ground Level
Food Street
Alabang Zapote Road
Las PiƱas City

Tel No.: (02) 218-1076

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