Ukkokei Ramen Ron in McKinley Hill.

On that stormy day when almost all, if not all, schools suspended classes, offices called off work, and most of the streets were not passable and flooded, I had to work so T (boyfriend of the year award!) picked me up in Fort.

Rainy day and all, I wanted ramen but Makati was too far in that weather.  Good thing T remembered that Ukkokei Ramen Ron opened a branch in McKinley Hill.

What a colorful menu!

This Ukkokei branch has two dining levels.

There are three traditional Japanese tables on the first level but T doesn't really like sitting on those so we chose a 'normal' table.

They also have a bar for eat-and-run diners.

Beside the bar is the kitchen.  Do you see the whiteboard?

Ukkokei's special Tan Tan Men ramen is served only during evenings and at limited quantities.  Ukkokei Makati serves only 10 bowls, Ukkokei McKinley serves 20 bowls.  Because we got there early and given the weather, I got bowl #18.

It was freezing so we asked for hot tea.  But unlike in other Japanese restaurants which have house tea, Ukkokei charges P55/$1.50 for a glass.

Boyfriend-of-the-year awardee doesn't look too happy here because he's wet and hungry :D 

While waiting for the food, I went around and took photos of the place.

Not long after, our Age Gyoza (P120/$3) arrived.  It was good.  T and I liked it.

T also got Spicy Chicken Kaarage (P200/$5) but I didn't like it as much as I liked the kaarage from Ramen Yushoken (read my blog posts on Ramen Yushoken). 

Plus, when I asked for Japanese mayo, the server informed us that they'll charge us for that.  Augh.  Pet peeve.  We always ask for extra mayo in Ramen Yushoken but they give it to us for free.

 And finally, we got our ramen!

Like I said, I got the Tan Tan Men ramen (P

T got the Shio Butter Corn (P350/$9).  He said it was alright but nothing extraordinary.

Thumbs Up
Good Tan Tan Men ramen!
Visiting this branch gives you a better chance to eat Tan Tan Men (Makati is always packed and serves only 10 bowls a night!)

Thumbs Down
Everything has a "charge" (hot tea, Japanese mayo, etc)

We will be back but only for the Tan Tan Men.

Ukkokei Ramen Ron
Dining Date: 24 September 2013

Upper McKinley Road
McKinley Hill

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  1. I have heard lots of great things about Ukokkei but I haven't been there. Really? Extra charge for mayo and tea?!? That's kinda weird.


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