Starbucks Via Ready Brew Iced Coffee.

None of my posts are sponsored by Starbucks but I think I've been posting a lot about them through the years because I'm a fan!  So let's do a Starbucks "Whats in the bag?" post.

This is what's in the bag.. a pink Starbucks tumbler glass and Via Ready Brew Iced Coffee. I'm not sure if they still have this color in stock since I got it in June (uber late post) but no harm in looking for it in your favorite Starbucks branch.

Inside the Via Ready Brew Iced Coffee box are five small packets you can bring with you anywhere.  So convenient.  Although I'm not a fan of instant coffee, this comes handy on those days when you don't have time to brew coffee at home or pass by the coffee shop to get a cup of joe.  And although it says sweetened on the pack, it's not really "sweet, sweet" and can pass the usual coffee drinker's taste test.

In case you're curious about the nutritional information, here it is. 

What other instant "not-instant-coffee" brands are good to try?

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