Harry Potter's Butterbeer Now Available in Starbucks!

Aside from the Christmas drinks, I was excited about another thing this week from Starbucks Philippines. My sister and my friend Ara Sam just told me that they are now serving the famous (well, for us Harry Potter fans) butterbeer! For those not familiar with the book, butterbeer is "a popular wizarding beverage described as tasting a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch."

So before T and I headed for Sta. Rosa for our Sundate fundate, we stopped by Starbucks along South Superhighway so I could get a taste of this "secret" drink.

Armed with the recipe, I was half-expecting the barrista to stare at me blankly when I asked for a butterbeer but he didn't! He knew exactly what I was asking for and got my order.  Coming from one who drinks coffee black, this is the whitest drink I've ordered from Starbucks.. Ever.

The drink tasted like... butterscotch. If not for the love of Harry Potter, I would probably not order this drink. It wasn't bad but I'm just used to drinking coffee, or at the very least mocha-tasting beverages in Starbucks. But for those of you who usually order milk-based beverages, you'll love this.

Since it's a secret drink, there might be a slim chance that the barrista in your neighborhood Starbucks will give you a weird look when you ask for a butterbeer.  So I made an infographic which you can save on your phone for your next visit. Enjoy muggles! :)


  1. Tried both the latte and frappe. Frappe works better. :)

  2. Waaaaah can't wait to try it!!! Sana meron dito haha.

  3. i'll try this sooooon... thanks for the info. muggles can now taste the wizard's famous drinks. so excited!

  4. omg it is really white! haha
    this is so interesting, I am gonna take your recipe to my local Sbux store and I want to know about their expression :P


  5. I'll probably not like this because I get my coffee black too. It's probably been a decade since my last frappe.

    BUT. Being a Harry Potter fan, I will try this :D


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