Salted Caramel Pancakes from Pancake House.

Even if the "Cookie Butter" craze isn't fully over yet, here comes "Salted Caramel".  As soon as I heard that Pancake House has is offering Salted Caramel and Walnut Pancakes, I began craving.  So T and I went to the newly-opened Pancake House near Alabang Hills, Alabang 400 and Hillsborough. 

When the server asked what I wanted to have, without looking at the menu I told him, "Salted Caramel Pancakes, please.

How is it?

Of course, the pancakes are good and fluffy, as always.  There is a generous amount of walnuts on the plate but I felt like the caramel sauce was kulang.  True enough, halfway through my stack of pancakes, most of the caramel sauce was gone.  Plus, I really didn't taste much of the salt in the "salted caramel" syrup. 

When I asked for Extra Caramel Syrup, the server told me there is a charge of P45/$1.  Okay, if there's a food pet peeve of mine, it's high extra charges for sauces.  But since the caramel syrup they gave was generous and the pancakes were good, it was forgivable to me that morning.  

I got a Hot Cappuccino (P76/$1.68) to go with my pancakes.

T got Daing na Bangus (P284/$6), which is also good.  I ate a third of his order ;)

He also ordered Brewed Coffee (P76/$1.68), Tacos (P107/$2.30) and Tuna Macaroni Salad (P136/$3).  The macaroni salad is laden with mayonnaise.. just the way we like it.  

Thumbs Up!
Fast service.
Good food at reasonable prices.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that I think they charged us brewed coffee + 1 refill instead of plain brewed coffee.

Pancake House will always be my favorite pancake place in the Philippines!

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Pancake House
Dining Date: 6 October 2013

Ground Floor
Don Gesu Building
Don Jesus Boulevard
(It's also on the same street as The Farm Organics)

Delivery Hotline: (02) 588-2468

*Where to eat in Alabang?


  1. Will try this soon! I got Pan Chicken the last time I went there kasi.hehehe. :P

  2. Argh, mother, this post is making me crave for those pancakes right now! Haha.

  3. I was able to try their banana walnut pancake and it was really nice! I wish I could try this, too.

  4. i love pancake house! their pancakes are so fluffy delish. :)

  5. I felt in love with their pancakes too..We had pan chicken last time.. want more..


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