Giveaway: Php 2,000 Le Coeur de France GCs! (CLOSED)

Given an extra, extra hectic schedule, I've lost all energy for blogging.  Then one day, Le Coeur de France surprised me with an early Christmas present.. Croughnuts!

And not only that, they're sponsoring a giveaway on Joei & Me.  This is just the inspiration I need!  So here's an early Christmas treat... One of you will get a chance to win Php 2,000 worth of GCs from Le Coeur de France!

With those GCs, you can definitely go nuts over cronuts.  Check out the new flavors from Le Coeur de France:  White Choco Bacon Crisp (oh my, this is so good!), Caramel Pistachio Crunch, and Creamy Espresso S'mores.

To join the giveaway, all you have to do is to follow the instructions below (my first time to use Rafflecopter!). Goodluck everyone!!!