Sweet Bella Cafe in Burgos Circle.

I think I have an addiction to macarons.  It started during T's birthday (read my blog entry on The Stache Bash) last December.  In the future, I'll list all of the macaron places I've been to but for now, I'll share with you my thoughts about the macarons of Sweet Bella in Fort.

The first time I went here was last January.  This was the set up then.  The macarons are displayed on the table.

This is the set up now.  As you can see, the macarons are in the freezer while kitchen gadgets are on the table.  I like the old set up better because it looks more like a dessert place.  The alcohol on the shelves does not give off the "Sweet Bella" vibe.

Sweet Bella's macarons are P60/$1.36 each.

I always have a hard time picking which macaron to eat first. 

From right to left:

Strawberry - I like this but T not so much.
Salted Caramel - Their bestseller and T's favorite.
Chocolate - Found this too sweet but T said it was ok.
Lemon - T didn't like this.  I like sour desserts but I still found it so-so.
Coffee - T and I both like this.  Even the macaron shell itself already tastes like coffee.  Nice.
White Chocolate with Coconut - It was just ok for me and T.  Also found it weird that they colored the macaron green.  I thought it was pistachio.
Rose Petal - This is my favorite while T found it so-so.  He said he feels like he's eating a "church" (pertaining to the flowery taste of the macaron LOL)

We ordered another round of the macarons we liked.  In other words, we didn't order the White Chocolate with Coconut and the Lemon macarons.

Remember when I mentioned that when I order macarons, I bite into it and leave a piece of T to try (read my blog entry about Park Avenue Desserts)?  This is our set-up.  So he gets moon-shaped macarons :D

Sweet Bella also serves TWG Tea (P100/$2.27).

It was a nice way to end the evening.

Thumbs Up!
Good macarons.

Thumbs Down!
It's much nicer to stay outside but the outer dining area is too small and cramped.

I want to try their other desserts.  We'll definitely be back!

Sweet Bella
Most Recent Dining Date: 4 September 2013

Forbeswood Heights
Burgos Circle
Bonifacio Global City

Tel No.: 844-0680
Mobile No.: (0928) 502-5027

*part of the "where to eat in Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Fort" series

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