Prince Albert Rotisserie.

Note: Apologies for the grainy photos.  The lighting of the restaurant was a bit dim and I only had my iPhone with me.

They say one of the best places that serve steak is Prince Albert at the InterContinental Hotel in Makati.  So when Deal Grocer offered something from this restaurant, I immediately bought 2 coupons which include 200g of steak, potatoes, and vegetables per person.  I forgot how much it was because I bought it a while back and just remembered that it was about to expire by the end of August so we had to use it.

I was actually burning up with a fever but sometimes all I need is to sleep the whole day and good food.  So T and I pushed through with dinner.

We were attended to by a friendly server named Neil.   He asked whether we wanted wine.  T asked for a glass of Merlot.

T smelled the wine and said, "Everything smells the same." Silly boy.  I thought he was going to tell me something interesting abot the wine :P

I'd usually order a glass as well but I was feeling under the weather and settled for some Fresh Orange Juice.

Not long after, our server Neil gave us butter and a tray of assorted bread.  Not a basket but a TRAY!  Love it.

After we were done with our bread, he came back and gave us Ratatouille with Feta Cheese on Toast.  I think this is included in the deal I got although it wasn't stated in the coupon.

Our server Neil mentioned that they have fresh oysters.  When I asked where it was in the menu, he said that it wasn't there.  I'm not usually price-conscious because I believe in indulging when it comes to food but my family comes from a province where people (including us) can buy oysters or "talaba" from the wet market and eat them on a normal day.   I fully understand the concept of "hotel pricing" where even the simplest things like juices and sodas are sold double or triple their price, but oysters are priced waaaay more than that.

I was giving T the look to signal him not to order the oysters but I guess he didn't get my telepathic message.  We found out later that this costs around P1,900/$44.  Seeeeee. The oysters are good but not worth that price.

I wanted something hot so I ordered Lobster and Prawn Bisque with Salmon Caviar and Cognac Cream (P400/$10).  The soup is good but just needed a bit of pepper to taste (or maybe my tastebuds aren't working that well because, as I said, I had a cold).

After T and I were done with our soups, our server Neil gave us a scoop of sherbet to cleanse our palates.  Again, I'm not sure if this is included in the deal because it was not stated in the coupon.

Then they served us our Prime Rib.   Although the meat is soft and tender, I just have to say that the presentation was not that good.  Look at the minuscule portion of steamed vegetables.  They could've given more so the plate wouldn't look that bare.

The main dish came with our choice of sidings.  T got Mashed Potatoes.

I got the Baked Potato but was disappointed to find that it was a small piece and just accompanied with a huge chunk of bread.  I did not want more bread because after finishing the bread tray, I wasn't in the mood to eat any more.  I wanted potatoes!

But overall, T and I are happy with our dining experience in Prince Albert :)

Thumbs Up!
The bread tray.
Good food.
Perfect timing of the arrival of dishes.
Attentive and friendly servers.
The lady at the front desk of Prince Albert didn't make me feel less because I was just using a coupon to dine there (believe me, there are other places that treat you differently when you use a coupon).  In other words, everyone is just so nice and friendly.  No snootiness, whatsoever!

Thumbs Down!
The side dishes.

We'll definitely be back!

Prince Albert
Dining Date: 30 August 2013

Ground Floor
InterContinental hotel
1 Ayala Avenue
Ayala Center
Makati City

Tel No.: (02) 793-7000 local 776

Hotel Intercontinental's Facebook Page


  1. The price of the oysters might get you another piece of steak na. haha. :) I'd love to visit this place soon.

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