Kaya Korean Restaurant.

When I was still studying, one of our go-to lunch places was Kaya, a Korean restaurant at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

T and I ate here last month before watching Lone Ranger, starring my crush Johnny Depp ;)

T ordered a Mango Shake.  I commend Kaya for using a paper straw instead of a plastic one. 

Our server gave us complimentary sides of beansprouts and vegetable pear. However, the Myulchi Bokum (P90/$1.40) or dilis (spicy dried fish) was not complimentary and had to be ordered.  It wasn't that good though.  Usually, T and I order ourselves a serving each since we love it so much.  This time, I didn't finish mine and just gave it to T.

The Napjak Mandoo (P90/$2) is available only from 2pm to 5pm.  Fortunately, T and I were there around the time.  T and I really like these flat dumplings.

I got Kalbijim (P250/$6) or Korean beef stew.  It's my favorite here.

T ordered the Kalbi Gui (P230/$5.30) or marinated US short ribs.

There's just one thing I found weird.  I saw this sign in the middle of the restaurant.  I looked for the Facebook page of Kaya Restaurant, liked it, and called the server to ask what the freebie was.  She look at me like I was speaking gibberish.  I called another server and she gave me the same look.  Finally, another server explained to us that it was just the owner who put it there but they didn't know anything about it.  Too bad.  I un-liked the page, felt like it was bad marketing.

Thumbs Up!
Affordable but good Korean food in a pricey area.
Use of paper straws instead of plastic ones.

Thumbs Down!
Placing a poster in the middle of the restaurant without briefing the staff.  I felt really stupid for asking.

Despite the Facebook boo-boo, we'll probably go back.

Kaya Korean Restaurant
Most Recent Dining Date: 28 July 2013

Concourse Level
(where all of the restaurants are)
Powerplant Mall
Rockwell Drive corner Estrella Street
Rockwell Center
Makati City

Tel No.: (02) 898-0935

Facebook Page

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  1. It's really weird when resto owners don't bother to inform the whole staff about a promo. Yung iba naman, iilan lang sa staff ang may alam. Hassle lang.


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