Cebu Pacific Piso Fare Promo for All Destinations.

Cebu Pacific is at it again!  Piso fare is back for ALL destinations -- Philippine or international.

I just hate the add-ons Cebu Pacific has now like baggage allowance.  Years back, it used to be free with the airfare and purchase was only made for the excess of the allowable amount.  Now it's like web admin fee plus baggage allowance plus plus plus.  

Anyway, so I tried "booking" just to see how much the piso fare really comes up to.  For an international trip to a country closest to us, fare with taxes and the purchased minimum allowable baggage weight comes up to about 3,000 per person for a roundtrip ticket.  Still not bad.  One "catch" is that travel period is from June to December 11, 2014.

But if you plan to travel in the near future, Cebu Pacific offers 50% off for ALL destinations --- Philippine and international.  Travel period is from Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2013.

Book now at  Goodluck! :)


  1. Yeah, it used to be cheaper before. I think they needed to remove the baggage provision from the promo fare to add earnings for the improvement of some of their services (some of which we are yet to see).

    But I'm still a fan of the airlines. They have a lot to improve on by they DID provide more windows for Pinoys to travel. They also encouraged (or forced? Haha) other airlines to come up with promo fares.

  2. i think the piso fare is a great offer. i just hate that lagi nalang ko huli sa balita! and so when i try to book, ubos na! hahaha


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