Saboten Japanese Cutlet.

Is katsu the next Japanese food craze after ramen?  It seems like places that serve tonkatsu have been making a splash in blogs! Let me tell you about the latest one I've been to, Saboten Japanese Cutlet in Serendra.  It's beside Powerbooks and Mamou, where the Thai restaurant Silk used to be located.

T and I were supposed to eat here a while back but there are always tons of people on the waitlist and impatient, grumpy us were not willing to wait for food. 

One day, after accompanying T's sister to bring her kids to soccer practice, she suggested that we try this place.  There was a long list yet again but since T was still on his way from Makati, it was acceptable for us to wait.

Our favorite tonkatsu place is Yabu (read my blog entry about The House of Katsu) so I have to compare Saboten to that.   Like Yabu, Saboten has those seeds to which the tonkatsu sauce will be added to.

They also serve unlimited cabbage...

...and rice.

Saboten serves radish and cucumber which are unlimited...

...and refillable miso soup, unlike Yabu.  

Although during a recent trip to Yabu, I learned that they are now also offering unlimited refills of the side dishes and miso soup.

What Saboten doesn't have, however, are fruits like pineapple and watermelon which Yabu serves. 

Michelle suggested that we get The Original Tenderloin Set which is the signature menu of Saboten.  The set comes in three sizes, Small (P375/$8.75), Medium (P395/$9.20) and Large (P425/$10).  All three of us got a large set each.  I finished the whole set (tonkatsu, refills of cabbage, radish and rice), just so you have an idea of how big the serving size is.

If you made me choose between Yabu and Saboten, I honestly cannot tell you which one I prefer.  I love both!  But for comparison's sake, I could say that Saboten's tonkatsu is just a weeee bit softer than Yabu's.  Michelle describes Saboten as a "melt in your mouth" kind of tonkatsu.  T likes Saboten also but finds the tonkatsu more salty than Yabu's.

Thumbs Ups!
Polite servers (they even bow after talking to you).
Good tonkatsu.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except for the long wait to get a table.

This makes it to my list of favorite tonkatsu places (now sharing it with Yabu).

Saboten Japanese Cutlet
Dining Date: 16 August 2013
Ground Floor
Bonifacio Global City
Tel No.: 63 (2) 625-2000
              63 (2) 625-2888

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm


  1. I want to try this! Hope they'll open more branches. :)

  2. I've been craving for tonkatsu since this morning, then I saw this post. :| They almost have the same offers as Yabu, noh? Maybe this is the new "in" thing in the food/resto industry.

  3. haven't tried saboten.. and now there's ginza bairin pa.. so happy that yabu's pineapple and watermelon are now unlimited too :)


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