Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

After our ramen phase, T and I had the BBQ mood.  First on our list? The Japanese BBQ Restaurant beside IHOP called Gyu-Kaku.

It was 1996 when the first Gyu-Kaku restaurant opened in Japan.  More branches opened in countries such as the United States, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hongkong, Taiwan and Thailand.  And this year, Gyu-Kaku has now arrived in the Philippines!

Behind the tables are bottles of sake.  This one is pretty big.

This is the table set up.

In the middle is a grill that the server will fill with charcoals.  I wonder why they have holes in the middle.  So, it's easy for them to pick the coals up with sticks?

This is the menu.

Since T and I went there for the wagyu, I like how they have an explanation showing the different parts of the cow.

I got a large order of Assorted Kimchee (P125/$3) which has chinese cabbage, daikon, radish and celery. 

Since T doesn't eat kimchi, I ordered Assorted Namuru (P175/$4) for him which is composed of bean sprouts, toge, talbos and radish.

T and I wanted to try something new so we ordered Fried Octopus (P245/$6) which is deep fried octopus critters served with Thai chili sauce.  It tastes like squid but is softer and more tender.  T and I both like it.

Our server provided us two sauces for our meat.

I love how they have salt on the table as a condiment.  I always look for this whenever I eat any kind of meat, especially Wagyu or a juicy tenderloin steak.

There are also two tongs, one for raw meat and the other for cooked meat.

T and I got the Wagyu Karubi (P795) or Wagyu Oyster Blade, high marbling cuts which melt in your mouth with its rich flavor and juiciness.  The marinade choices are Tare (sweet), Miso (sweet and spicy), Shio (salty) and Spicy Miso.  I chose Miso.


This is the first day I get to wear my "evil eye" bracelets from Turkey.

T also ordered the Gindara Foil Grill (P175/$4) and the Norwegian Salmon Foil (P295/$7).

Our server said it takes 8 minutes to cook the seafood but I think it took longer for ours to cook.  Probably around 10 minutes.  Check out the intensity in T's face ;)

The Gindara can be cooked in Ponzu (sour) or Miso (sweet and spicy) marinade.  Since we already got Miso for our meat, we chose Ponzu this time.

The Salmon can be cooked in Shio (salty) or Miso (sweet and spicy marinade).  Again, we got the other choice, Shio, since we had our Wagyu marinaded in Miso.

T ordered rice but it isn't the usual steamed rice.

There's a special sauce to be spread onto the rice while it's being grilled.  It's different but T said he liked it.

Thumbs Up!
Helpful servers.
Good food.

Thumbs Down!
Dining space is really small and there's a possibility of splitting a table into two, with only a make-shift "wall" to separate your group from the other diners.
No complimentary side dishes.

This place deserves a second visit.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant
Dining Date: 15 July 2013

W Global Center
(beside IHOP)
30th Street corner 9th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City

Tel No.: (02) 553 8962

Operating Hours

Mon to Sun
11:00am - 11:00pm

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  1. my husband and i LOVE Gyu-Kaku. We always go to their branch near city hall hear in singapore. And their attendants are so friendly, too!


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