Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House: An Old Favorite.

Yesterday, I was on girlfriend duty (aka watching T's basketball game), the least I could do since T watched "The Conjuring" with me against his better judgment.  After the game, T had to hurriedly go to Makati for an errand and I tagged along.

We were famished after the errand (T played basketball so what's my excuse?) but both not dressed to have dinner out.  I was thinking anything meat, T was thinking roast beef.  And where else can we go that's relaxed but serves really good roast beef?  Dayrit's!

I may be biased about their food since Dayrit's remind me of the good ol' days.  They used to have a branch in Alabang in the 90's but it eventually closed down because the place was turned into a shopping arcade and mall.

But for me and T, Dayrit's still serves the best value-for-your-money roast beef.  The nearest branch to us is now Magallanes.  T always orders the Hawaiian Rice with Roast Beef (P190/$4.75).

I usually order the Roast Beef Plate which has roast beef, mashed potatoes and vegetables.  But I was feeling like Filipino food at that time so I got the Binagoongang Liempo (P225/$5.60).  I like how it's served with green mango on the side, perfect with the bagoong (fermented fish/shrimps).  But I had them chop the mango into little pieces because it was a bit hard and difficult to bite into.

Something flavorful as this only needs plain white rice as a companion.

T also got the Sago Ago-go Gulaman (P95).  I usually get this also but needed my carbonated fizz fix at that time so I got a Sprite Zero (Another plus for me, not many restaurants serve Sprite Zero!)

Thumbs Up!
Good food.
Value for your money.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

Will always be an old favorite of ours.

Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House
Most Recent Dining Date: 24 August 2013

Unit 4 Mega Center Building
Paseo de Magallanes
Magallanes Village
Makati City

Tel No.: 63 (2) 854-9943


  1. I remember Dayrit's in Alabang. My family and I used to go there often. Joei, high five on the plain rice 😊

  2. Now I'm intrigued about their burgers. Must visit soon! :)


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