Cold Stone Creamery.

I remember how my sister and I would line up day after day in the freezing cold (yes, there's a line despite the weather) just for a cup of Cold Stone Creamery in the US.

And now, it's here in the Philippines!

I was invited to the opening of the first branch in Serendra but I wasn't able to go because I was out of town for my birthday.  But last month, T and I finally got to visit the store for a taste of Cold Stone Creamery.

There are so many flavors to choose from.

If you're overwhelmed with all the choices, I suggest just picking from their Signature Creations.

I got the Germanchocolatekake which is chocolate ice cream with pecans, coconut, brownie and caramel.

The sizes they have are:

Lick It
Like It
Love It
Gotta Have It

The price would depend on whether it is plain ice cream, a create your own mix, or a signature creation.  Prices range from P95/$3 for a Lick It Ice Cream to P1,288/$30 for an Everybody's Signature Creation.   

This is a Like It Signature Creation (P168/$4) called Coffee Lovers Only which is composed of mocha ice cream (they ran out of coffee ice cream), heath bar, roasted almonds and caramel.   I had this the other night in the Mall of Asia branch after watching the DLSU-FEU game.

There's always some sort of commotion in Cold Stone because of the "challenge" they have for customers, catching your scoop of ice cream!

I pressured T into doing it even if he didn't want to. Thankfully, he was able to catch his (or else I wouldn't hear the end of it).

But our friend Raffy Dy suffered a different fate.  Check out this video:

Don't forget to leave a tip for all the fun fare!

Since my one and only public hater insinuated that I am committing some sort of blogger's sin for not indicating whether my posts are sponsored or not, here's what I have to say: T and I pay for 99% of what I write about.  For the remaining 1%, I make it fairly obvious that it is sponsored by either saying that it is or thanking the sponsor for whatever it is they gave.  And like I said in my 'Disclosure', all views and opinions expressed in this blog are guaranteed to be purely personal and will never be influenced by any affiliate or sponsor.  This is a fairly late reaction to a comment made a few months back but I thought I'd address it in the future and today is that day.   With that, I bid everyone a good day! ;)

Thumbs Up!
Fun and friendly staff.
Great ice cream.

Thumbs Down!

T and I will definitely be back, again and again!

Cold Stone Creamery
Most Recent Dining Date: 18 August 2013

Ground Floor
Serendra Piazza
(between McKinley Parkway and 11th Avenue)
Taguig City
Metro Manila

Tel No.: 63 (2) 846-0460

Ground Floor
Mall of Asia
(beside National Bookstore)
Pasay City

Operating Hours

Sunday to Thursday
11am to 10pm

Friday and Saturday
11am to 11pm


  1. woah, that reader is exacting.

    anyway, i ate here some weeks ago. thumbs up for the entertainment.

    a white guy approached us too, and asked us if we liked the food. he must be the manager or something, nice gesture.

  2. I love the closing line Joei!!! Woohoo!!♥♥♥

  3. I ♥ ur closing line, Joei!! Woohoo!!!


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