Aladin 24 in BF Homes Paranaque.

Good Japanese or Korean BBQ doesn't have to be expensive.  Aladin 24 in BF Homes is proof of that. 

From the outside, one could not guess that this is a restaurant because of the signage that reads "Home Center".  Well, I didn't.  T is the one who knows about this place.  And like I said, we were both in the BBQ phase so I was so game to try any restaurant that has smokeless grills on its tables.

The restaurant is pretty spacious considering the narrow entrance.

There's a charge if you want to use the grill.  And duh, of course we wanted to grill on our table! So we paid. But the fee is minimal anyway, around 150 pesos, if I'm not mistaken.

But one upside is the number of side dishes that they have.   They refill it once for free and charge a minimum fee for the next.  I wasn't able to ask how much but I think it's less than P200/$5 and the server said the serving size is generous any way so I think it's worth it. 

For our meat, I chose the Ssamgyubsal (P180/$) while T chose the Woosamgyupsal (P190/$).  I can't remember which is which but one is pork and the other is beef.

The serving may not seem that big in the photos above but it is!  One order is 1/2 a kilo so T and I ordered a total of 1 kilo worth of meat.  For the two of us, that's a lot!

Our server assisted us with the cooking.  She put in the vegetables first.

Then the meat.

Their rice is also really good.  White and soft, just the way T and I like it.

Aside from Korean dishes, Aladin 24 also serves Japanese fare like sushis and makis.  We got the Shrimp Tempura (P300/$8).

T and I left the restaurant full and satisfied.  Oh, and did I mention full? ;)

Thumbs Up!
Big meat servings.
Quality meat at low prices.
Friendly servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

Definitely worth a second visit!

Aladin 24 BF Homes
Dining Date: 23 June 2013

Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes


  1. Wow thanks for writing about this place! MrC has been wanting to eat at a smokeless grill restaurant, but lugi kami if we bring Tristan to Sambokojin or Yakimix. At least this one's not too pricey :)

    xo Patty

  2. I feel lucky that you try a lot of restos here in the south. I've been wanting to try Aladin 24 but was not that brave to do so, now that I know what they offer I would probably be there tomorrow hehe.

    Their Korean/Japanese grocery is my go to place every time I feel like cooking Asian dishes. Laging kompleto. I always buy Woo Samgyupsal and cook at home. haha

  3. I think it's really nice that you and T are so adventurous when it comes to trying out new restos. :) Loving all the reviews you've been sharing through your blog joei.

  4. P180-P190 for a half kilo of meat? wow! that's super affordable! we must visit this place! :)

  5. no more aladin 24 :(

  6. Until what time deyr open? Is aladin 24hrs?

  7. Until what time deyr open? Is aladin 24hrs?

  8. ANON. There's still an Aladin in Las Pinas. Although the one that replaced Aladin in BF Homes is good too! I'll blog about it soon :)

    ANON. From what I know they're not 24 hours but they close late. We went there around 10 and they were still open :)

  9. Thanks for writing about this place. My husband will love this! And you're right, you wouldn't know it's a restaurant from their signage outside. They should really do something about that.

  10. EPER. Sure no problem! I was about to write about the new place that replaced this. It's now called Mega Buffet :)


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