K-Pub BBQ Meat All You Can.

Ever wonder what that bright shiny establishment is beside Prive?  It looks like a nightclub from afar but it's a meat-all-you-can Korean restaurant called K-Pub BBQ.

Saboten Japanese Cutlet.

Is katsu the next Japanese food craze after ramen?  It seems like places that serve tonkatsu have been making a splash in blogs! Let me tell you about the latest one I've been to, Saboten Japanese Cutlet in Serendra.  It's beside Powerbooks and Mamou, where the Thai restaurant Silk used to be located.

Park Avenue Desserts in Magallanes.

After having dinner in Dayrit's (read my blog entry about this old favorite), I wanted dessert and coffee.  Cafe Breton is just beside Dayrit's but T saw another place in the area called Park Avenue Desserts.

Dayrit's Burger and Roast Beef House: An Old Favorite.

Yesterday, I was on girlfriend duty (aka watching T's basketball game), the least I could do since T watched "The Conjuring" with me against his better judgment.  After the game, T had to hurriedly go to Makati for an errand and I tagged along.

We were famished after the errand (T played basketball so what's my excuse?) but both not dressed to have dinner out.  I was thinking anything meat, T was thinking roast beef.  And where else can we go that's relaxed but serves really good roast beef?  Dayrit's!

Aladin 24 in BF Homes Paranaque.

Good Japanese or Korean BBQ doesn't have to be expensive.  Aladin 24 in BF Homes is proof of that. 

Cold Stone Creamery.

I remember how my sister and I would line up day after day in the freezing cold (yes, there's a line despite the weather) just for a cup of Cold Stone Creamery in the US.

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

After our ramen phase, T and I had the BBQ mood.  First on our list? The Japanese BBQ Restaurant beside IHOP called Gyu-Kaku.

Foodgasm: Triple The Flavor.

The yummiest event in the metro is back!

SONA 2013.

I know, I haven't written for so long.  Things became a little hectic and even if I wanted to share all the good places I've visited recently, I just don't have the time (or the energy) to write about it afterwards.   But thank you to those who encouraged me to keep blogging!  Really appreciate it :)

Anyway, this is a super late post but might as well publish it since it's been sitting in my drafts folder.  These are photos from the day the President delivered his State of the Nation Address for 2013.

In the morning, both houses of Congresses (the House of Representatives and the Senate) have their own sessions to elect their respective officers for the upcoming Congress.   That's newly-elected Senator Grace Poe wearing a white Rajo Laurel terno