Kris TV's Feature on Pearl Farm Resort.

Just recently, I wrote about my trip to Davao:

While browsing funny cat videos on YouTube (courtesy of T), I saw a Kris TV episode featuring the newly renovated Pearl Farm Resort in Davao.

This video belongs to ABS-CBN. 

Pearl Farm Resort wasn't on full renovation mode when we got there so I didn't know that they were reconstructing the whole resort.  But remember the photo I snapped of cottages that were being constructed when we were there?  The Kris TV episode shows them fully furnished already.  Nice!

I don't work for Pearl Farm nor is this post sponsored by Pearl Farm (well, none of my travel posts are).  I just had one of my most relaxing vacations there so I thought I'd share this video with you before we go on to enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

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