Kenji Tei in Alabang Town Center.

Since I've been down with the flu, T and I have been on a ramen spree.

Kenji Tei used to be located along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes.  But they closed shop last year and moved to Alabang Town Center (yay for me and T!).

T and I have dined here twice.

The first time, it was T who ordered the ramen.  He got the Miso Butter Corn Ramen (P258/$6.45) which is Chashu miso ramen with butter and corn.  T said it's good and that he liked it.

T also got Tuna Sashimi (P256/$6.40) for him and Spicy Salmon (P318/$7.95) for me.

The server suggested that we get the Ebi Mango Mayonnaise (P368/$9.20) which is hot prawns with Kenji Tei's Special Mango Mayonnaise.  It's good but there's nothing really special that sets it apart from the other hot prawn salads I've tried elsewhere.  I'd still order it again though.

For our veggies, we got Yasai Itame (P228/$5.70) which is stir fried vegetables, seafood and pork.  We liked this because we could really see pieces of pork and seafood unlike in other restaurants where the bits are really minuscule.

On our second visit, just before watching Despicable Me 2, I was the one who ordered a bowl of Curry Ramen (P258/$6.45) which is soy-based ramen topped with mildy spicy curry sauce.  I had to taste buds because of my fever so this is flavorful curry is perfect for me.  I still liked the Miso ramen of Yushoken (read my blog posts about Ramen Yushoken) better but this is ok also.  The small order is already good for sharing if you ordered other food.  A large bowl of this costs around P348 ($8.70).

We also got Spicy Maguro Maki (P298/$7.45).

For our main, we got 5-pcs Ebi Tempura (P368/$9.20). 

Ramen here is good but not really the 'to-die-for' status that most of you are looking for.  But one perk they have over other ramen houses is that they serve other dishes like donburis, hot dishes, sushis and sashimis.

Thumbs Up!
Attentive staff.
Good Japanese food.
New, convenient location (inside the mall, near the cinemas).

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

We'll definitely be back!

Kenji Tei
Most Recent Dining Date: 3 July 2013

Alabang Town Center
(near the cinemas)

Tel No.: +63 (2) 511-8980


*Part of the "Where to eat in Alabang Town Center?" series


  1. Looks good! My ramen-loving friend will definitely love this! :) Hope they'll open a branch somewhere near us though. :)

  2. so tempting... wish I could find the branch in Jakarta :(

    visit mine?
    Miss Aa

  3. Finally, a review about this resto. BF and I always pass by this resto whenever we're going to watch movie in ATC but we've never tried for we think the food is too expensive but it seems like they are affordable and looks really delicious too! We'll give it a try next time we'll go to ATC. Thanks for sharing this :)


  4. Would love to try Kenji Tei if only there was a branch somewhere in the north ^^ If I'll have to travel all the way to south kasi, I'm planning to try Ramen Yushoken instead.

  5. the food & taste was good i love the spicy maguro maki and ebi tempura. 2 thumbs up. But 1 staff in G.5 in Makati.area her name was jacky a female that look like manager and she's not respond when i call her 3x.and I want to order 4 my friend i was really ofend to her. I not satisfy 4 her i was satisfy 4 what i order.


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