Dos Palmas (part 4): Snorkeling in Helen's Garden.

continued from part 3...

Day 3
4 November 2012

It was our last day on the island so T and I woke up bright and early.

First order of business, even before breakfast, was to go to the Marine Sports Center to inquire about snorkeling.

I like how the snorkeling equipment are on the wall and not just in a pile like how it is in other places.  

 I chose a blue snorkel to go with my pink bikini, as if it mattered ;)

As you can see, there are a lot of snorkeling and diving sites around Arreceffi Island.

A friendly diving instructor named Manny Sevilleno introduced himself as our guide for this morning.  And minutes later, we were off!

Helen's Garden is the pride of Dos Palmas Resort. A 50-meter snorkeling site shaped like a cake, it is home to a great number of fish species.   Unfortunately, we could not go to Helen's Garden because of the current.  But Manny brought us somewhere were there were a lot of fish as well.

I thought our guide was joking when he said that we had to push the fish away in order to swim. He wasn't.  As soon as we jumped into the ocean, fish were all around us. It was an awesome experience!

In the meantime, T kept his distance.  He didn't really like being surrounded by fish.

But I didn't know that and pulled him closer to me and the fishies for a photo op.  After a few seconds of him trying to pull away, accompanied by watered shouts that sounded like "Nooooo nooooo nooooo!", I kind of got his drift.

But I insisted and T eventually gave in to my request for a photo together.  But if you look at the photo closely, you can still see him having a 'stare down' with the fishies instead of looking at the camera :D

Manny took us around the area, actively pointing if there was something interesting that T and I should see.

I even saw a family of clownfish hiding in the corals!  Doesn't this shot remind you of Finding Nemo?

At the end of our snorkeling path, Manny took us to see crash sites of planes underwater. Too bad it was too deep for snorkeling but it would've been a nice beginner's diving site.  Speaking of, I really want to take lessons soon (read my blog entry about my Scuba Diving Experience in Anilao)!

After snorkeling, T and I had breakfast at the main dining area.

We both had Pineapple Shakes.

T had Chicken Adobo and a Denver Omelette.

I, on the other hand, had Boneless Bangus.

Both our breakfasts came with a Platter of Fresh Fruits and Coffee.

Then we went swimming in the pool and spent the rest of our time there.

Staying for a few days at Dos Palmas Resort left T and I both fully recharged and ready to face even more hectic days ahead.  It was just what we both needed.  By the way, my travel companion Stitch hasn't made an appearance yet the whole trip so here he is saying Hello! and Goodbye! :)

The End.

Dos Palmas
Travel Date: 2-4 November 2012

Part 4 - Snorkeling at Helen's Garden

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