Dos Palmas (part 1): Welcome to Arreceffi Island.

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Day 1
2 November 2012

After a little over an hour's flight from Manila, it was a bright sunny day when we landed in Puerto Princesa, the gateway to Dos Palmas resort. 

As soon as we walked out the airport, T and I saw a Dos Palmas staff, signage in his hand, waiting for us at the arrival area.  

Dos Palmas is located in another island off the mainland.  Similar to Pearl Farm Resort (read my blog entries about Pearl Farm),  there is a regular ferry service to and from the Sta Lourdes wharf.  But unlike Pearl Farm, Dos Palmas doesn't have a waiting area at the wharf so we stayed at the resort's main office, just 10 minutes away from the airport. 

The ride from the office to the wharf in Sta Lourdes takes about half an hour.  For your reference, here is the schedule for the boat trips (of course, this is subject to change):

Wharf to Dos Palmas

Dos Palmas to Wharf

The boat ride from the wharf to Arreceffi Island is around an hour.  What's nice about the boat ride is that you'll get to see most of the islands that are included in the Island Hopping Tour (read about my first visit to Puerto Princesa).

The resort in Arreceffi Island is called Dos Palmas because of the presence of two huge palm trees on the island. But due to the recent storms, those two trees were destroyed. Our guide told us that 5 palm trees were planted to replace those that were uprooted.

As soon as we arrived, T and I were given our welcome drinks.

We were then led to one of the water cottages for our orientation.

T and I were also made to sign some forms before giving us our villa key.

There are two types of accommodation in Dos Palmas Resort: the Beach Villas and the Executive Villas.  I initially wanted the Beach Villa, which is a cottage on stilts in the water, but at that time, all of them were being renovated so only the Executive Villas were available.

The Executive Villas are beachfront cottages facing the mangroves.  They are very spacious with two queen-sized beds and a day bed.

I like hotel/resort rooms with large desks because this is where I usually blog or write when the mood strikes me.

This is the bathroom.

Gumamela (hibiscus) flowers scattered everywhere help brighten up the living space.

The curtains were drawn when we got there.  So I pulled them back not knowing what to expect.

Lo and behold.  A veranda facing the mangroves!  This proved to be my favorite spot that day. 

It was around noon already so T and I went to the main dining area for lunch.

Like I always say, I like personalized touches.  So I think it's a good idea for the resort to have name plates on each table so guests wouldn't have to feel like they have to "save" a table each and every time they dine. 

Dos Palmas' lunch buffet is so-so but it beats ordering ala carte because of the long wait.  Our guide said that the trick is to order ahead of time but since we just arrived, T and I didn't have that kind of luxury. 


Clams and other shellfish varieties.


Main courses.


Fresh fruits.

Like I said, the veranda proved to be my favorite spot that day.  I stayed there til sunset, reading a book, while T rested in the room.

Come dinnertime, T and I thought there was going to be a buffet again so we didn't pre-order our meal.  However, it turned out out that the resort wasn't offering it.  We ordered ala carte and waited since there were a lot of guests that ordered before us.

While waiting, I explored the nearby area and found a gift shop.

I saw something that I want but decided to wait until tomorrow to get it.

I ordered the Drink of the Month.  It's a mixture of fresh fruits, mostly pineapple.

After almost an hour, dinner is served.    I can't recall what we ordered since it wasn't on the menu and was just recommended to us by the server.  Kind of like a "soup of the day" or "fresh catch of the day".  So I won't be able to post the dishes name like I usually do, as well as their prices.

After dinner, T and I decided to hang out by the bar near the restaurant.

We ordered a pitcher of Mango Margarita (P800/$20) made out of fresh mangoes.  It's really good.

There was a full moon that night so the sky was pretty bright. 

There is a pool table and a darts area by the bar.

We started playing darts...

 ...but because I suck at darts,  T and I ended up playing cards instead ;)

After finishing our pitcher, T and I called it a night.

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Dos Palmas
Travel Date: 2-4 November 2012

Part 4 - Snorkeling at Helen's Garden

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  2. I love Dos Palmas! My family visited that place twice but never got to blog about it. Super nakatamaran na. Hehe.

  3. The place is a must-visit. I just hope I'll have time to do that...

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  5. i've heard a lot of good things about this place. i hope i can visit this in the future. nice post!

  6. You're right about the hibiscus flowere. It's the first thing I noticed, I also like that the room had a blow dryer. :P Simple additions that make a world of difference.

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  9. I visited dos palmas 7 years ago... I bet much has changed... But even then, it was already a beautiful place:-)

  10. Hi! i <3 ur blogs! I hope uv tried submitting reviews for tripadvisor! =)

  11. Saw Dos Palmas for the first time in 1997 as part of our island hopping activity. It's good to know na nawala na ang stigma about the place, re: Abu Sayyaf and Rico Yan. Such a lovely place indeed!! :)


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