Davao (part 6): Pearl Farm Resort and Ylang Ylang Spa.

continued from part 5...

As we were nearing the resort, everyone on the boat could hear tribal music playing. 

To our left, I could see the Samal Suites, which are two-storey Muslim inspired cottages.   This is perfect for families with small children because it's spacious and has a living room that can be converted into another bedroom.

To our right are the Samal Houses where my Mom and I will be staying.

All of the guests are greeted with a refreshing welcome drink upon their arrival.

From the entrance, I could already see the private beachfront of Pearl Farm.  It seems so peaceful!  I immediately knew where I wanted to spend the rest of the day.

While we were finishing our drink, all of the guests were called to the gazebo for a quick orientation of the place and activities available to us.

They then led us to the Front Desk where we waited for a shuttle to take us to our cottages.

Beside the Front Desk is a bulletin board where all of the daily activities are listed.

Like I said, my mom and I got a Samal House which is good for two people.

"The Samal Houses are built on stilts on the water. They are patterned after the houses of the Samal tribe of Mindanao, who are seafarers. All rooms are air-conditioned, with separate toilet & bath, coffee & tea facilities, safety deposit boxes, hairdryer and cabled televisions. All rooms have balconies where you can see schools of tropical fishes. The rooms are beautifully appointed with the bright colors of pink, yellow and blue of the Samal tribe."

For more updated rates, it's better to check with the resort (click HERE to go to Pearl Farm's website).  But during the time my mom and I stayed there, I think we paid approximately P10,000++/$250++ per night for the Samal House.

We got Samal House number 15 which is not that far off from the main area but not too close also to be disturbed by the noise.

Each Samal House has a small, beautiful veranda facing east.  I woke up early the next morning and caught the beautiful sun rising on the horizon.

This is what the inside of a Samal House looks like.

There's a television but it's not like we'll be watching any tv when we're here.

I find it nice when things are personalized, like this little note that Nikah left on our beds.

After we changed, Mom and I went to explore the grounds.

We were in a resort but it felt like we were in a real forest, surrounded by wild vines and huge trees.

While walking, I was hearing someone mumble.  I looked around and there was a parrot.

My mom and I headed for the beach.

Since yesterday was filled with adventure (read my blog post about Eden Nature Park and Crocodile Park), today was all about relaxation.  My mom slept while I read a book.

We stayed there for a bit until the staff began setting up tables for dinner.   They didn't really disturb us but we felt like we were disturbing them ;)

So my mom and I transferred to the pool area.

It was snacktime so Mom ordered a Tuna Sandwich while I ordered Chicken Fingers.

We stayed in the pool area until sunset.

For dinner, we had the buffet.  I think it's more practical to have the dinner buffet than to order ala carte.

I wasn't able to capture the whole setting (too hungry!) but this is the appetizer section.

And then the dessert.

They also have fresh fruits in season.

While we were lounging by the pool, I checked out the services of Ylang Ylang Spa.

Here are the various oils to choose from.

My mom and I scheduled our spa services around nine in the evening when all that food from the buffet has already settled in our stomachs.  Since it was late in the evening, it was a bit scary because we had to walk blindly through a path that isn't lighted.

But when we got to the massage hut, I was amazed.  It was so pretty!

My mom and I both had the For Her: Body Beautiful treatment (P3,500/$88) which is a rejuvenation program combining a body scrub, hair health and a facial.  The treatment lasts for 2 hours.  

For a list of Ylang Ylang Spa's other services, click HERE.

Day 3
19 July 2012

The next day, I decided to do a little exploring after breakfast.

I walked to the other side of the island and discovered another beach.

There is also an Activity Center...

...complete with a kiddie playroom!

I was suprised to see that there is another pool area.

There are still a lot of huts being constructed or renovated.

On the way back to our Samal House, I saw a tennis court and a basketball court.

I also saw a Mandaya Weaving Center.   Remember the other weaving center I previously wrote about (read my blog entry about T'Boli Weaving Center)? 

The women in this center is from a different tribe called Mandaya.

I bought a couple of trinkets from them as pasalubong (gifts) to my colleagues and friends.

Aside from the Mandaya Weaving Center, the resort also has a separate gift shop that sold pearls.  I got some or myself and for T's niece.

Before we knew it, it was time to go! :(

Bye Pearl Farm!  I had a great time here.  Hope to be back next time with T!

Trip Date: 17-19 July 2012

Pearl Farm Resort

Manila Office
Ground Floor 
411 Quirino Avenue cor NAIA Rd
ParaƱaque City 

Tel No.: +63 (2) 855-2741 local 207 & 208
Direct Line: +63 (2) 854-7892
Davao Office
3F Abreeza Ayala Mall
J.P. Laurel Avenue
Davao City

Tel No.: +63 (82) 285-0601
              +63 (82) 285-0876


Kaputian Island 
Garden City of Samal

Tel Nos.: +63 (82) 235-1234
                +63 (82) 235-1235
                +63 (82) 235-1236


  1. I haven't been in that resort but Davao is absolutely stunning! :)

    by the way I hope you can join my giveaways if you haven't yet :)

  2. wow, the place looks so relaxing!
    the spa...the pool.. good food.. everything!
    i miss vacay's with my mom, thanks for sharing!


  3. The place seems perfect for relaxing indeed! And so pretty too. ^_^

  4. I've been to Davao & it felt bitin because I didn't get to visit Pearl Farm. Nakakainggit ang photos! The view, the food, the massage, everything! I seriously need to go back!

  5. i have never been to pearl farm yet and it's a beauty based on your photos! how sweet naman and you were with your mom. perfect bonding moment rin siya for both of you. if i were in your place, hindi rin ako manonood ng TV and would explore the resort while there's time.

  6. great vacation you got there. 'hope we can also spend a week out-of-town.


  7. This place is so beautiful. Although I think you need at least 3-4 days to fully explore and enjoy the entire resort.
    ps I love your striped dress ♥



  8. i think you miss to go to Malipano Island, the small island overlooking the resort. its still part of Pearl Farm Beach Resort. There is a free ride to go there if u ask the receptionist. The beach there is marvelous, coz of its Fine White sand and bluish water and the majestic view. :)


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