Washi Tape.

Note: You can buy affordable Washi Tapes at SHOP Tiddlywinks! They're selling it at Php20/$0.50 and up.  Check out their Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram @shoptiddlywinks :)

In my previous post, I mentioned that I got a few things from Fully Booked Alabang (read my blog post about Fully Booked).  Well, one of them is a set of Washi Tapes.

What exactly is Washi Tape?

Basically, it's pretty masking tape.  But what sets it apart from other tapes is that Washi Tape is made of durable paper and can be removed without leaving that icky, sticky residue most tapes do.

Washi Tape originated in Japan, which explains the name.  But there, it's probably just called masking tape and I'm guessing that's why the ones I got from Fully Booked had the mark "MT" on it.

Image credit: www.aderahome.com

What to do with Washi Tape?

A lot can be done with it.  Even a whole room can be brightened up just by using Washi Tape.

Image credit: We Heart It

But despite these fabulous ideas, I wanted to start small and use it on my chargers.  The problem with having an iPhone or an iPad is that everyone owns one and chargers get interchanged since they all look alike.  That's a pet peeve of mine since I'm really OC when it comes to my things, especially my gadgets.  Before, my quick solution was to put a sticker on the main charger but that didn't solve my problem with the cords that came with it.  

So I got a set of Washi Tapes (P320/$8) from Fully Booked and since I was in an OC mode any way, a set of cable holders also.  At first, I was holding around 10 Washi Tapes but since I've never tried using it, I decided to just get a set.  Wow, I already have shopping self-control!  *clap clap*

Step 1.   Wrap it around the charger.   I first thought of covering the whole body but I remembered that I stuck a sheep sticker on mine.  So I just decided to wrap a single layer of Washi Tape through the middle. 

Step 2.  I did the same with the cord and covered both ends fully.  You can also cover the cord itself but I thought I'd do it with Washi Tape of a different pattern.

That's it! Simple right?   In under five minutes, my iPhone charger is different from everyone else's.  Well, that is until someone reads this, does the same thing, and uses the same Washi Tape on theirs ;)  Well, at least Mr. Sheep is still there to set it apart from other chargers!

Where to buy Washi Tape in the Philippines?

I got my Washi Tapes from Fully Booked but there are a number of resellers online and in bazaars.  To those who know online sellers, care to share their link? I want more Washi Tapes!!

After reading this, don't you feel like getting into the Washi Tape craze, too?  :)


  1. Our friend Cai sells washi tapes. Check out her site: http://www.paperchicstudio.com/

  2. TSN. Thanks Viv! Will check her out :)

  3. Thanks for the follow :) We will be moving our website soon :)

  4. Chang! Check out heykessy.com :)

  5. Was about to comment about Paper Chic Studio! :) meron din Washi Tapes Manila in Facebook :)

  6. Cute. Android guy yung cable tie. Hehehe. Android rules.

  7. I think mt is also a brand. They have a collab with Uniqlo. Check out their cute shirts :)

    I also just saw from my FB feed that Taste Central sells mt washi tapes, too.


  8. Thank you for this post! You gave me an idea on how I could add more life and color to my room :)


  9. Thanks guys will check them out! :)

  10. I found lots of that kind of tape at taste central here's the link : https://tastecentral.com/home-living/all
    the tapes have wonderful designs!! check it out :)


  11. thanks for posting this!! ♥
    I'd love to get some washi tapes
    yung plastic na tape ang ginagamit ko e.,



  12. http://www.heimastore.com/product-list.php?paper-club=1

    Thank you



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