The Farm Organics Alabang.

Located in the vicinity of Alabang Hills, Alabang 400, and Hillsborough Alabang Village is a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant called The Farm Organics.

T and I went there straight from the airport when we arrived from my Boracay birthday trip.

According to their website, The Farm Organics is the first to offer local certified organic grass-fed beef in the Philippines.

The set-up is that you order at the counter and pay at once.

I saw these numbered apples by the cash register.  Curious, I picked it up and was surprised to discover that they're not real apples but actually markers for pending orders.

There's a mini store by the side of the restaurant but I wasn't able to see what products they have for sale because there was a family dining there until closing.

I love that The Farm Organics provides sea salt as a condiment.

Their utensil set up reminds me of one of our favorite cafes in BGC (read my blog post about Wildflour Cafe + Bakery).

For our appetizer, T got the Organic Bone Marrow (P300/$5) which is good for its price, comparing it to the bone marrow we tried in Cue Modern Barbecue and Stella Woodfired Bistro.

For his main, T ordered the Tenderloin Steak (P630/$15.75).  For the first few bites, it was ok.  But halfway through, T and I both felt that the steak was cooked with too much spice and kind of lost it's "organic" touch.

All steak dishes come with one free side.  T chose Mashed Potatoes.

On the other hand, I got Kesong Puti Burger (P280/$7).  I love the kesong puti combination but I found the burger a bit dry.

For our drinks, T got Lemon Green Tea (P100/$2.50) while I got a Very Berry Smoothie (P150/$3.50) made from fresh fruits.

We're not sure if Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto own this place but we saw them there talking to the people in the kitchen ;)

Thumbs Up!
Organic food.
Good ambiance.
Inexpensive prices.

Thumbs Down!
Dry burger meat.
Overwhelming spices on the steak.

T and I will give this another visit to try their other dishes since the place (and the people) are so nice.  And how can you go wrong with organic, right? 

The Farm Organics
Dining Date: 25 May 2013

Don Jesus Boulevard
(beside Banco de Oro/BDO)
Alabang Hills

Tel No.: +63 (2) 403-9130

Mobile No.: +63 (927) 741-2660
                     +63 (947) 939-6598

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
11:30am - 9:00pm

Saturday to Sunday
10:30am - 9:00pm


  1. I think they own it. I see Kristine Hermosa's Instagram feed peppered with The Farm resto. Stalker much? heehee

  2. organic steak sounds delightful! the apples do look real. how long was the waiting time for the orders?


  3. This looks interesting. I hope it won't disappoint you the next time you visit this place and try new other dish. =)


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