Teriyaki Boy Now Has Delivery Service!

Great news!  Teriyak Boy now delivers!  Perfect for this rainy season when you just want to stay in, read a book or watch TV while eating good Japanese food in the comfort of your own home.

And lucky us, we were one of the first to try their delivery service.  Thank you Teriyaki Boy!

Teriyaki Boy was borne out of an avid attraction to the rich culinary heritage of Japan. Launched in 2001, it quickly gained a following for serving Japanese food with a unique local twist. This is their delivery menu. 

For our appetizer, T and I had Gyoza (P122/$3), which is one of my favorite gyozas ever.

For our maki, we had the Philly Cheese Steak Roll (P191/$4.50).  Personally, I think this is the best among their maki selection.  I love how the cheese is toasted and added on top.

Of course, we also had their best seller and my favorite dish in Teriyaki Boy, Chicken Teriyaki (P214/$5).

T had the Yakemeshi Rice (P54) which is Teriyaki Boy's version of fried rice.  All of the orders are good for sharing except for the rice which goes per cup.

Teriyaki Boy also gave me a magnet to stick on to our fridge.  Yay!

Thanks again Teriyaki Boy!  And kudos for not using plastic bags and styrofoam in your delivery service :)

Thumbs Up!
Food was still warm when delivered to us.
No spills.
Rider was friendly and courteous.
Utensils and condiments were all complete.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

We'll definitely have food delivered from Terikiyaki Boy again.

Teriyaki Boy
Most Recent Dining Date: 12 June 2013

Delivery No.: 63 (2) 588-2468


  1. Awesome! I love deliveries that always arrive on-time with the food in still in excellent condition. Plus points for this blog post because you also posted their menu. I always do that before I order delivery if I'm not familiar with the food, I search the internet hoping someone posted their menu somewhere. :)

  2. ROSE. Thanks Rose! Enjoy!! :)

  3. I miss eating food from teriyaki boy, the last I ate was yr.2010 with my teammates. It was good, that they have now a delivery.. whooho..

  4. I wonder if they do that here in Baguio as well. I'm gonna check :P Thanks for sharing :P



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