SumoSam Olympia's Eat All You Can Tempura and Sushi Buffet.

While driving along Makati Avenue, T and I were still undecided where to eat dinner when I saw a sign that read "Unli Tempura and Sushi for P499 only".   I was surprised to see that it was another branch of SumoSam, one of our go-to Japanese restaurants at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.  So we made a U to check it out.

This is where Robot Restaurant and Lounge used to be, just opposite the Ayala Triangle.  If I'm not mistaken, SumoSam kept some of the old decors like the floor with stones underneath a see-through glass and the ceiling made of lightbulbs.

But they also added some extras like these cherry blossom bamboo things, probably to make the feel less Robot and more SumoSam.

This is one part of the dining area.

If you're dining in a big group, I suggest you reserve these seats.

This is the other part of the dining area.  The place is pretty big, I believe the biggest of all SumoSam branches.

Apparently (and should I say fortunately), what they offer is not only unlimited sushi and tempura.  There are also other dishes included like miso soup, salad, gyoza, ramen, and dessert, all unlimited as well.

T and I started with the Salad Station.

I found it cute how there's an instruction card on how to make your favorite SumoSam salad.

Here are the "ingredients".

T made his favorite Spicy Tuna Salad.

While I made the California Maki Salad.  How did we do with the presentation? ;)

We also got Gyoza and Miso Soup (which I wasn't able to take a photo of).

A server then came to us and gave us an order form.   Even if some dishes say 3pcs each, our server said that everything is ordered at a "per piece" basis.  I asked her again to be sure and she said that she was.

So we ordered 4 pieces of Tuna Sushi and 4pcs of Salmon Sushi.

Then we ordered 2 pieces each of California Roll, Dynamite Roll, and Crunchy Tuna Roll.  But to our surprise, our server gave us 18 pieces of assorted makis!  At first, they insisted that we take all of it but I refused because they will charge us if we can't finish the whole thing.

I figured that our server was mistaken with the "per piece" order instruction and each kind of maki is actually 3 pieces per order, as stated in the order form.  T and I obliged to take half of that order.

Their ramen is selection is good because you can choose what broth and what topping to have.  I got the Kimchie with Tonkatsu.  It was alright but a bit disappointing that the broth was not that spicy or tasty. 

T also ordered 6 pieces of Ebi Tempura.   While we were eating, a server placed another plate of mixed tempura on our table.  Again, I refused to take it because first, we didn't order it and second, we will be charged if we didn't finish it. 

When we were halfway done with our tempura plate, T ordered an additional 4 pieces.  After 20 minutes and 5 follow ups, there was no sight of our order.  I decided to go to the bar myself where all of the servers were to inform them that we are canceling our order.  It took so long that I was already having dessert and T was already feeling the fullness kicking in.   The manager who was in the area heard me and apologized.

This is the dessert area.  It's not really that big but think of it as an extra to the unlimited tempura and sushi that you paid for.

Since we waited too long for the tempura, I also felt the fullness kicking in.  So I just got brownies and topped it with chocolate ice cream.

Before leaving, I asked where the washroom was.  I walked down a not-so-lighted corridor and then I came to this.  A communal washroom filled with mirrors, probably from the Robot days.  I just had to take photos.  It looked like a huge disco ball exploded inside the washroom.

Thumbs Up!
Value for money.
Free valet (but not free parking).
Manager apologetic after bad service and gave us a discount (thank you, we appreciate that).

Thumbs Down!
Bad service.
Servers not that attentive (no one even apologized while I was following up our tempura).
Free valet (but not free parking).

If we're in the area craving for Japanese, maybe we'll give it a try again.  Hopefully their service will be better then.

Dining Date: 11 June 2013

Lower Ground Floor
Somerset Building
Makati Avenue corner Sto Thomas Street
Urdaneta Makati

Mobile No.: +63 (917) 550-9129

Operating Hours:

Monday - Sunday
6:00 am - 11:00 pm


  1. you only paid for Php 499? no plus plus?

  2. TINAPAY. It includes 12% VAT but not the 10% Service Charge yet. So add that to the price :)

  3. You had me at the picture of the spicy tuna salad. It's my kryptonite! Here I thought I won't be going out this weekend, but knowing about this, I just can't let it pass @_____@

  4. Service was awful.
    Food were different than when you would order the same ala-carte.
    Ebi was a lot smaller than what the people who ordered from the menu had.
    I got my money's worth from their chix teriyaki though.


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