OOTD: Rain, Rain.

Ironically, in my last OOTD post, I claimed that "It's Still Summer!".  Well, not anymore.  It's been raining for the past two weeks and it sucks!  Despite complaints last May, I realized that I'd rather dress for the heat than for the rain.  I hate getting my feet wet and destroying my favorite pairs of shoes in the process.  So rain boots are definitely a must!

The pair I'm wearing is a gift from T since I bugged him endlessly about it.  It's called Ooh La Lace and is from a brand named Pluey's.   You can order them online from Pluey's Manila.  I've had it for two years and it's still good.  My rainy day savior, certified to keep my feet dry. 

As for the rest of my simple outfit: The purple mini dress that I wore as a top is from Vigoss (which I bought from Rustan's), my leggings are from Mango and my jewelry from Tiffany's.  

I'm still looking for a good rain jacket though, preferably with a hood so I won't have to bring an umbrella anymore.  Any suggestions? 


  1. Perfect, I've been looking for rain boots! Are they comfy enough to drive in? It's so hard having to dodge puddles and cross the street with a kid while carrying an umbrella, a heavy school bag and a Coleman. I need all the rain gear I can get for this school year.

  2. lovely boots! i love the print

  3. Sexy pair of rain boots! Sana lahat ng rain boots ganyan. Not boring rubber boots lang!! :)

  4. So love the rain boots! you look totally fab!


  5. love Plueys. so fashionable! as for the rain jacket, go check out Uniqlo, light and colorful ones with hoodies! :)

  6. I love your rain boots! Definitely a successful marriage of fashion and function. :D

  7. Hello!! You have an amazing style! Just found your blog and loved it!! Soo much style!



  8. Pluey's! I've always been thinking of getting a pair but I'm not sure if I can carry it :)

    Looks so nice on you!


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