Happy Independence Day: Tsokolate Eh vs Tsokolate Ah!

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

To counter my blogger's block (which also affects this travel writing course I'm taking), I thought I'd write daily, even just short blog entries.

For today, since it's Independence Day, I want to share with you a fast fact about two different kinds of hot chocolate drink in the Philippines, the Tsokolate Eh and the Tsokolate Ah.  I think not even all Filipinos know the difference between the two.  Some may have an idea but don't know which pertains to what drink.  So here's a brief history lesson.

In Noli Me Tangere, a controversial novel written by the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal, these two different kinds of hot chocolate arose because of a Franciscan priest named Salvi.   Obviously, Spaniards and full-blooded Filipinos were not treated the same when Spain ruled the Philippines.  So when Padre Salvi has Spanish visitors or important people coming over, he would tell his help to prepare Tsokolate Eh, which is his code for rich and thick hot chocolate drink.  But when Filipinos or not so important visitors are coming over, Padre Salvi will ask for Tsokolate Ah, which is his code to serve a much more diluted and watery chocolate drink.

Nowadays, Tsokelate Eh and Tsokolate Ah have nothing to do with status in society but is based only on taste or preference.  Here are the best ones I've tried.

Tsokolate Eh

One of the better Tsokolate Ehs is from Cafe Mary Grace.  It's so rich that you can only consume a small mug.  It goes well with grilled cheese rolls or grilled ensaymada.

Tsokolate Ah

One of the good Tsokolate Ahs I've tried is from a cafe in Baguio (read my blog post about Chocolate de Batirol).  Now I know why they call it "Native Hot Chocolate". 

How about you? Which one of the two hot chocolate drinks do you prefer? :)

Cafe Mary Grace
Recent Dining Date: 10 June 2013

Ground Floor
Alabang Town Center
Muntinlupa City

Tel No.: +63 (02) 828-8476
Mobile No.: +63 (917) 515-1524

Choco-late' de Batirol
Dining Date: 23 February 2013
Igorot Park 
Camp John Hay 
Baguio City
Mobile No.: +63 (916) 375-6510 
Mobile No.: +63 (915) 933-3474


  1. I haven't tried the one from Mary Grace but my friend also swears by it. :)

  2. We've dined at Cafe Mary Grace, but didn't try their hot choco. Sayang! I've heard a lot about Chocolate de Batirol in Baguio -- hope I can try that too. :)

  3. I love MG! Will definitely visit it again. :)

  4. Tsoko.nut at SM makati is a great treat also.

  5. Belgian Hot chocolate at Antonio's Breakfast in Tagaytay...super love!


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