Davao (part 5): T'Boli Weaving Center and Malipano Island.

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Day 2

Pearl Farm Jetty and Hotel

The next day, we rented a van from our city hotel to take us to Pearl Farm Jetty and Hotel.  This is the waiting area for our boat trip to Pearl Farm Resort. 

Just a little tip: Don't bring any perishable food items.

Before going here, Mom and I bought pasalubong (gifts) for our friends and family back home.  But since food and drinks are not allowed in Pearl Farm Resort, they made us leave everything.  We have no problem with that though as they kept our pasalubongs safe until we returned.

T'boli Weaving Center

I walked towards the sea and saw a store with the sign "T'boli Weaving Center".   Even if you're not going to the Pearl Farm, this is one of the spots tourists go to when in Davao.

T'boli is a tribe from South Cotabato in Mindanao.  The indigenous group is known for their colorful clothes which they themselves weave.

Outside are various trinkets on display.

Everything is so colorful and pretty! 

But I decided to put my accessories shopping on hold first because I was more interested in the hand-woven cloths.  They say it takes months to make one.  Wow.  Talk about patience.  

A purple one caught my eye and one of the T'boli women went out of the store and taught me how to wear it.

I went inside the store and they showed me how they make the cloths.  It requires so much work.  Now I know why it takes months!

The Marina

The Marina is located at Km. 7 Davao Boat and Leisure Club Compound # 12 Lizada Drive, Davao City.  It's actually just the port at the Pearl Farm Jetty and Hotel.

There is a fixed boat schedule from the Marina to Pearl Farm Resort and vice versa. 

Davao Marina to Pearl Farm

Pearl Farm to Davao Marina

If you miss any of the scheduled trip, you have to take a private boat which will cost you P6,500 ($162.50) per way for a day trip and P7,000 ($175) per way for a night trip.  Yikes.  Since we were staying in Pearl Farm, my Mom and I didn't have to pay anything for the boat trip.

As soon as we were settled, the staff members from Pearl Farm gave us water to drink.

My mom isn't too keen about boats (unlike my Dad who loves them!) so I wasn't sure how she would would react to a 15-30 minute boat ride.  Fortunately, the sea was very calm that day.

I planned to take a nap during the boat trip but interesting things on the way kept me awake.  Like a water slide in the middle of the ocean...

...and colorful fishing boats.

As we neared Samal Island, where Pearl Farm Resort is located, our boatman pointed to an island to our right called Isla Malipano.   There is nothing on the island except seven 3-storey villas. Since the island shares the same owner as Pearl Farm Resort, where all of the amenities are, a speedboat is always ready to transport guests to and from the two islands.  How much is a night's stay in a Malipano Villa?  The published rate is P26,700.00 ++/$668++ per night.

Pearl Farm Resort is already as private as it can get but Isla Malipano is even more secluded.  A perfect destination for honeymooners or guests who just want to get away from it all. 

Not long after, there it was.  Our destination.  Pearl Farm Resort!

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Trip Date: 17-19 July 2012

T'boli Weaving Center

Davao City

Tel No.: +63 (82) 222-1956

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
9:00am - 4:00pm
    Pearl Farm Resort

    Manila Office
    Ground Floor 
    ANFLOCOR Building
    411 Quirino Avenue cor NAIA Rd
    ParaƱaque City 

    Tel No.: +63 (2) 855-2741 local 207 & 208
    Direct Line: +63 (2) 854-7892
    Davao Office

    3F Abreeza Ayala Mall
    J.P. Laurel Avenue
    Davao City

    Tel No.: +63 (82) 285-0601
                  +63 (82) 285-0876


    Kaputian Island 
    Garden City of Samal

    Tel Nos.: +63 (82) 235-1234
                    +63 (82) 235-1235
                    +63 (82) 235-1236


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