Davao (part 4): Jack's Ridge.

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Our last stop was Jack’s Ridge, which is a strip of restaurants perched high on a cliff. Because of its location, it offers the best view of the sunset in Davao. 

There are three restaurants in Jack's Ridge: Taklobo Restaurant, which is the main restaurant...

...Kai's Bar and Grill which has live entertainment daily...

....and Karlo's Gourmet and Coffee which would be a good stop for dessert.

How to get to Jack's Ridge?  Check out it this map for directions.

Image credit: Jack's Ridge Official Website

Jack’s Ridge is also famous because it used to be part of the Japanese headquarters during World War II.   Caves dug by the Japanese are still visible in the area, as well as other remnants of war. Others believe that one could still find gold if he knew were to look. 

I was too tired that day to go on a treasure hunting trip so instead, I settled in one corner and sipped cold coconut juice while watching the sun go down.

While walking to the car, there they were again. The last thing I expected to see. Beautiful peacocks in the middle of the street, ike it was the most normal thing in the world.  Can't believe this is just the first day of our mother-daughter Davao trip!

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Trip Date: 17-19 July 2012

Jack's Ridge

Shrine Hills
Davao City

Tel Nos.: 63 (82) 297-8830 to 31


  1. I forgot which spot we went to that time. Most probably not Jack's Ridge. Must go back! ;)

  2. What I love about Davao is the fact that it's a city yet it doesn't have the business of a metro :)


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