Solar Eclipse 2013.

I'm always one to say "Oh, there's a comet shower later!" and I wait up until the wee hours of the morning to see... Well, nothing. So curious about stars, constellations and whatever it is we have in the heavens above.  But to date, I've only seen one "phenomenon" in the sky and by accident, at that.  I was on the road when I saw something bright in the sky.  I only had a few milliseconds to see the shooting star but that was enough for me.  Yes, I'm obsessed like that ;)

So when I heard there's an upcoming "event" tomorrow or the day after that (May 9 or 10 Eastern Time), I was ecstatic.

Image credit: Bill Nye The Science Guy

Unfortunately, it'll only be visible to certain parts of Australia, the Pacific, and the southern part of the Philippines.  So I'm out.  If any of you reside there, let me know how it was.  The moon will cover 95% of the sun, creating this ring of fire during the day.  Awesome.

Image credit: Huffington Post


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