OOTD: It's Summer!

I'm not really a fashion blogger (well, I don't really consider myself a food blogger... ok, so I don't even call myself a real blogger!) but I thought I'd do a few OOTD posts throughout the week since it's one of the easier things to do.

But before anything else, "What is OOTD?"  

OOTD stands for "Outfit Of The Day".  Just snap a photo of your outfit and describe what you're wearing.  That's it!

Some of you may have seen this photo on my Instagram (@joeiandme) already.  I posted this when the temperature was just starting to rise.   It marked the beginning of summer so I knew it was time to take out all the pinks and florals from my closet. 

I'm wearing a plain white V-neck from Forever 21 (I love their tees!), pink jeans from Dollhouse (I got this from Rustan's) and floral pumps from Anne Klein (obviously, I got this from Anne Klein).  My bag is called Ashley Satchel from Coach and my keychain is from Laduree Paris (read my blog entry about the Laduree Paris keychain). 

How about you? What is (or should I say 'was' since it's already starting to rain) your favorite summer get up? :)


  1. Ganda mo talaga teh!!! :) Advance Happy Birthday to you! :)

  2. Hi Joei, I was just taking 5 minutes to read some of your blog posts. You may know this already, but if not I would like to share the Thomas Sabo charms: http://shop.thomassabo.com/US-en/charm-club


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