Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 Launch Night.

I remember the days when my friends and I got addicted to Havaianas. We'd buy every pair that came out, in every color possible. We'd wear them everywhere we went, even in law school where we had  a strict dress code enforced (to the point that the Dean had to issue a memo banning the wearing of Havaianas inside the campus!).

My addiction dwindled ever since, not for anything else, but because my current job has little space for Havaianas-wearing days. So when I received an invitation to the Launch Night of Make Your Own Havaianas 2013, I was ecstatic and told T that we had to go.

The launch was held at the Rockwell Tent in Makati.  This is the registration area.  I love how they decorated the arc with Havaianas.

The door opened to reveal colorful glow-in-the-dark walls...

...which led us to the main area.  Check out the big hot air balloon in the middle of the tent made out of Havaianas!

There were food and drinks all around which was more than enough for everyone.

A closer look at the chocolate goodies.

We were given menus to fill up but with so many pretty combinations, we didn't know which colors to choose!

Good thing the person who assisted us was very patient.  Thank you Yana for smiling all throughout the "Havaianas madness" :)

I love it how she's so careful with everything.  She always asks me and T before placing a pin. Here? A little bit higher? Facing in or out?

It was T who picked out this color combination for me.  I'm not really fond of orange so I was hesitant to get this pair but T pointed out that I have almost all colors except orange.  I was still having second thoughts while Yana was making it.

But when she was done with it, I loved it instantly!  I even wore it the next day.  Yes, to work ;)

Of course, I also got a Dan Matutina pair.  Here I am trying it on for size.  The one on my other foot, which I wore to the event, is called the Havaianas Slim Metal Logo Heart.

This is the finished product.  I am so in love with it.  Plus, part of it glows in the dark. Although as soon as Yana handed it over to me, I wanted to add more crystal pins to it.   I wonder if I can drop by Rockwell Tent just to do that :(

Then it was T's turn to make his.  Of course, he also got a limited edition Dan Matutina pair.

A closer look at the astronaut and alien pins he picked out.

T designed his second pair without realizing it had the same color combination as his first one, blue and yellow!  Funny.

He got the shaka (hand sign) and a bicycle for this pair.

Fellow girlfriend (of T's barkada) Syg got metallic straps to go with her limited eds.

T's sister Michelle also joined in on the fun.  By the way, she makes the most beautiful cakes and the yummiest cupcakes ever!  Check out her Facebook page - Coco Cakes.

It also took her a while to figure out what she wanted.

While Michelle was making customizing,  her daughter Natalia was having a blast at the giant hot air balloon.

In the midst of the craziness, servers were actively handing over drinks and food, asking us every so often if we wanted anything.  Bless them!

After what seemed like forever, we were done!

This is designer Dan Matutina who works under the name Twistedfork.  His designs are heavily inspired by films, science, myths and folklore, which probably explains the space astronaut design he made for Havaianas.

Each pair comes with a cute shoe bag which you can color using pentel pens (also included).  T already finished one bag.  I have yet to work on mine.

Thank you for inviting me, Havaianas! :) I had so much fun.  Can't wait until next year!

But don't worry guys, the fun isn't over yet!  Make Your Own Havaianas 2013 is on MAY 2 to 5 at the Rockwell Tent.  The event starts at 10am daily.  Don't forget to use the hashtag #MYOH2013 for your photos.  I uploaded a few on my Instagram account @joeiandme.

For more information about the event, read my previous blog post on Make Your Own Havaianas 2013.


  1. Was never a fan of the flip flop thing, but I'd like that party! the cupcakes looked pretty!

  2. Love, love Havaianas too! Love the color that you got, very Joei :)


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