How to Make a Travel Scrapbook... Fast.

I'm a pack rat.  I keep anything and everything, especially when I travel.  Receipts, tickets, name it.  I couldn't throw papers away and they're eating up so much space in my room!  That's why I absolutely love this tip I got from Martha Stewart's website.

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"Rather than sort through vacation memorabilia after a trip, create a keepsake as you go. Pack a hole punch and a loose-leaf ring to string together maps, postcards, and other souvenirs you collect on the road. When you get home, make a cover by affixing a sticker to the front and rubber-stamping a title on top." - Martha Stewart

Simple but really useful!  Since I have a beach trip coming up, I better buy a small puncher and a loose-leaf ring soon.  How about you?  Can you share a good 'traveling' tip? :)


  1. oooooooooo... thanks for the advice. Will definitely make one of these soon. :P

  2. Nice idea! will try it, i have this all travel trinkets scattered around the room.

  3. Cool idea a! Handy and hassle free pa. =)

    But I think you'll also have to buy a small pouch or envelope to keep it in so they they'd keep longer. Lalo na for those made of thin paper. They might tear easily. =)


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